We Need to Make Awareness of PTSD at the Birth for Women and Men

Mark Williams | Posted 02.10.2015 | UK Parents
Mark Williams

My first ever panic attack was at the birth of my son and had never experienced this before in my life. I honestly felt that my wife who I love dearly and my unborn son were going to die. Even many years on I still feel the anxiety I suffered during the twenty two hours labour my wife experienced.

A Perfectly Far-From-Perfect Birth Story

Genevieve Seri | Posted 30.09.2015 | UK Parents
Genevieve Seri

As the days rolled passed my due date, we remained content and grew very excited. My contractions (I called them 'surges' during pregnancy and then almost spat the word away after birth and latched back on to 'contractions' with a bit of disillusionment) came on strongly on Saturday afternoon.

A Baby-Tot's Guide to Eating Out With Mum and Dad

Abbey Michelle | Posted 29.09.2015 | UK Parents
Abbey Michelle

Whether you're feeling happy or not, being out for dinner with Mum and Dad is always a great opportunity to stretch your legs. This again is another great way to attract attention to Mum and Dad who bizarrely think they're out for a sit down.

Which Airports and Airlines Provide Courtesy Strollers at the Airport?

Carrie Bradley | Posted 29.09.2015 | UK Parents
Carrie Bradley

Family travel provides its own unique challenges, but some airports and airlines provide facilities which go a long way to ease some of the stress. Here are the airports and airlines that provide complimentary strollers for use and information on where to find them.

Katie Hopkins Could Learn A Lot About 'Humanity' From Parents Of Baby Jaxon

The Huffington Post UK | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 28.09.2015 | UK Parents

The father of baby Jaxon Buell, who was born with parts of his skull missing, has spoken out about the criticism he and his wife have received for "se...

Flying When Your Child Is Sick or Has a Disability

Carrie Bradley | Posted 28.09.2015 | UK Parents
Carrie Bradley

Flying with children can be daunting for parents, and flying when your child is feeling ill or has a disability can only add to the stress. However, there are some requirements in place, depending on the severity of an infant or childs' illness or disability. The first point of call, is always to contact your airline directly.

Job Advertisement: Parent

Sarah Turner | Posted 25.09.2015 | UK Parents
Sarah Turner

The ideal candidate will have a degree in Patience, an NVQ Level 3 in CBeebies and the dexterity of an octopus on speed. You should possess a strong desire to be accompanied everywhere (including the toilet) and a high level of irritation tolerance for programmes like Peppa Pig and Twatsy and Tim.

I'm Bored of 'Baby on Board' Badges

Kate Plummer | Posted 25.09.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Kate Plummer

I am about to out myself as a horrible person. As far as irrational anger goes, I'll be the first to admit that I veer dangerously to intolerance. Hating people who take a bus for one stop, or my instant distrust of food labelled as 'guilt free snacking' is hard to rationalise. But I think that wanting to destroy all 'baby on board' badges is something that I can justify.

From Nightclubs to Nappies

Neil Ransome | Posted 25.09.2015 | UK Parents
Neil Ransome

It's funny how a small stick with wee on can change your life so dramatically!... well that, and having sex without wearing 'waterproofs. Obviously I didn't wee on the stick, I was tempted though as I'd heard this myth that if you do, and it changes colour or something, it's to do with a faulty prostate.

'Being Mum Is The Great Leveller Because We're All Coming From The Same Place - We Just Want The Best For Our Children'

The Huffington Post UK | Jennifer Barton | Posted 23.09.2015 | UK Parents

Tess Daly and Rochelle Humes chat about their favourite thing: motherhood, as part of AOL Original Series, Being Mum. "Talking babies, or about bei...

Easy Vegetarian No-Meatballs Recipe

Holly Bell | Posted 21.09.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Holly Bell

Serve with a simple tomato sauce made by heating chopped tomatoes with a tbsp of olive oil, a little salt, pepper and a teaspoon of sugar for 20 minutes. Add some dried oregano and you're done. These are delicious with any pasta and of course, rice too...

Why I Needed Mum Friends

Aimee Foster | Posted 17.09.2015 | UK Parents
Aimee Foster

Clearly mums weren't going to turn up at my doorstep. I would have to go out and find them. This was a bit of an alien concept for me as most of my existing friendships had come about from school and work. I had never actively looked for friends before.

The Alternative Weaning Guide for Second Babies...

Helen Wallen | Posted 16.09.2015 | UK Parents
Helen Wallen

As you can imagine, I've been keen to have a different experience this time... one that is less utterly disgusting, unrewarding and doesn't end with me sobbing into the Annabel Karmel recipe book with partly digested banana in my fringe whilst inhaling hobnobs in the downstairs toilet at 6pm every evening.

24 Hours Pre-Baby Versus Now

Adele Armstrong | Posted 14.09.2015 | UK Parents
Adele Armstrong

Wake up to the sound of a baby moaning, feed baby in bed and put her in between us with plenty of toys and hope she will play quietly so we can snooze, what actually happen is she "attacks " us, pulls our hair, screams (happy scramming but still screaming!), tries to leap off the bed etc.

'I'm Going To Keep Going Until The Doctor Says I Can't Have Anymore'

The Huffington Post UK | Jennifer Barton | Posted 14.09.2015 | UK Parents

While some parents feel a brood of two or three children is more than enough to keep their hands full, glamour model-turned-businesswoman Katie Price,...

The Alternative Baby Glossary... (Contains No Gloss and Lots of Disappointment)

Helen Wallen | Posted 10.09.2015 | UK Parents
Helen Wallen

Parenting is like an entirely new language... and unless you're already fluent in babbling your way through a baby-wearing growth-spurt with confused nipples then you'll probably need to read this. (with a gin.)

Mum-Xercise: A Knackered Mummy of Two's Guide... (Contains Anger, Cake, Gin, and Angry Gin-Cake)

Helen Wallen | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Parents
Helen Wallen

I promised myself once I'd had baby number two, I'd finally sort it out... Start looking after myself better; eating well, exercising regularly, drinking less wine at breakfast... and other such ridiculousness... *laughs manically whilst knocking back a shot of gin to the face*

Why I Set Up The Baby Resuscitation Project

The Huffington Post UK | Jennifer Barton | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Parents

Inspiring mum of four Natasha Jones has opened up about her life-saving community project Baby Resuscitation, which she launched after rescuing her ow...

"Other Than Extending Your Family, I Don't See The Reason To Wait To Have These Operations"

Huffington Post UK | Jennifer Barton | Posted 07.09.2015 | UK Parents

Michelle Heaton has opened up about her brave decision to undergo preventative cancer surgeries after being diagnosed with a mutated BRCA2 gene, which...

Fart Blaster Takes Baby From Crying To Calm In 3 Seconds

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 28.08.2015 | UK Parents

All parents might want to get their hands on one of these... This screaming baby has been shut up by an innovative tool, which is more commonly use...

Level Baby: Complete (Sob)

Sarah Turner | Posted 27.08.2015 | UK Parents
Sarah Turner

My baby is one in a couple of weeks and all of a sudden it just feels so milestoney. Much to my surprise I've gone all knobheadish and smushy about it. I feel like I want to sniff his hair and drink in his babyness before he starts lobbing lightsabers at my head and asking me to pull his finger.

Rare Condition Left This Baby With Her Tongue Permanently Stuck Out

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 27.08.2015 | UK Parents

The parents of a baby whose tongue was permanently stuck out because of a congenital defect are desperate to raise awareness of the rare syndrome. ...

The Parenting Rollercoaster

Sarah Turner | Posted 25.08.2015 | UK Parents
Sarah Turner

Christ alive I've never known a rollercoaster of emotions quite like the last three and a half years. Gone are the 'good days' and 'bad days'. Days are less easy to emotionally rank now. Sometimes I encounter the full spectrum of emotions in the same day.

'I Think It's A Subject That Women Don't Like To Talk About'

The Huffington Post UK | Jennifer Barton | Posted 24.08.2015 | UK Parents

Mum of three Rebecca Ferguson opens up about what it's like to have a partner leave you during pregnancy, which happened when she was expecting her t...

Woman Breastfeeds Live On TV, Everyone Freaks Out

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 12.08.2015 | UK Parents

Having given birth just 11 weeks ago, Irish news presenter Dil Wickremasinghe decided to return to TV to breastfeeding her son live on air. Speakin...