Terrorism And Islamophobia Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin Of Hate

Maha Akeel | Posted 02.08.2017 | UK
Maha Akeel

Terrorism and Islamophobia are two sides of the same coin of hate; they feed off each other. The distorted views of the 'other' held by both terrorists and Islamophobes, along with their extremist ideologies and convictions, are linked in a vicious cycle that is affecting world peace and security.

Terrorism Is The Enemy Of Britons Of All Faiths

Mustafa Field MBE | Posted 12.06.2017 | UK
Mustafa Field MBE

I have family in Iraq and know how that country has suffered beyond endurance at the hands of Daesh. In the same way that my family, and friends have resisted this scum in Iraq, I will resist them here. In this struggle, I will link arms with imams, rabbis and priests. People of genuine faith and love must find the inner strength to build a wall that Daesh cannot penetrate.

Yazidi Villages Have Been Liberated, But The Community Still Needs International Support

Louisa de Albuquerque | Posted 04.06.2017 | UK
Louisa de Albuquerque

There is simply not enough qualified help and resource in the region to deal with the needs of those who have survived sexual torture and significant trauma. Yazidis have been victims of extremists for centuries and don't feel safe.

Theology Teaches Us To Stand United In Defiance Against Terrorism

Mustafa Field MBE | Posted 14.04.2017 | UK
Mustafa Field MBE

The tragic bombing of Coptic churches and the callous murder of scores of Christians in Egypt, is yet another reminder of the throes endured by Christian communities in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS.

London Has Not Fallen - Thoughts Following Westminster Attack

Shaukat Warraich | Posted 24.03.2017 | UK
Shaukat Warraich

The hallmark of great people and a strong nation is defined in the face of adversity. For communities across the UK, the attack on Westminster should inspire more community efforts that help build resilience in people and institutions. Part of the process requires communities to understand the important role they play in facilitating efforts to eradicate hatred from society.

End Of 2016: A MENA Post-Mortem

Dr Harry Hagopian | Posted 13.12.2016 | UK Politics
Dr Harry Hagopian

As we rapidly approach the end of another challenging year, my mind strays once more to the Middle East North Africa (MENA) and to the atrocities visi...

Is Sufism The Antidote To Extremism?

Qari Asim | Posted 24.11.2016 | UK
Qari Asim

An ISIS-affiliated extremist group operating out of Egypt has released ghastly images purporting to show the execution of two leading religious figure...

When Did the Left Start Supporting Fascism?

Stefan Rollnick | Posted 15.08.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Stefan Rollnick

If you're indulging yourself in liberal guilt, I'll give you something else to feel guilty about. While we discuss the relative merits of Britain's isolationism around our dinner table, safe in our homes, there are still another 10 million people under IS control.

While the Physical State of Daesh Collapses, A New Virtual State Expands

Baroness Joanna Shields | Posted 02.08.2017 | UK Politics
Baroness Joanna Shields

There is no panacea, no single piece of technology, intervention or public policy that will solve this. But we can make it harder for terrorist and extremists to use the Internet to recruit, inspire and incite. It only takes one individual to see sense in the Daesh fantasy for this bloody trail of terrorist destruction to continue. And it must be stopped.

Essential to Counter to Iran's Regional Misconduct

Lord Maginnis | Posted 07.07.2017 | UK Politics
Lord Maginnis

As we approach the first anniversary of the Iranian nuclear deal, tens of thousands of activists and Iranian dissidents are set to rally this Saturday in Paris, calling for Tehran's nefarious conduct at home and in the region to be tackled. One of the primary messages at this rally will be to condemn Iran's role in the massacre of the Syrian people and to demand an end to its assistance to the Assad government.

Assad: The Master Terrorist

Maudie Fraser | Posted 13.05.2017 | UK Politics
Maudie Fraser

al-Kammouneh camp in the aftermath of the airstrike (photo c/o The Guardian) If (or rather when), as seems likely, it is confirmed that last Thursda...

We Must Recognise Genocide to Act - Why Defining Daesh Atrocities Is Important

Stephen Twigg | Posted 28.04.2017 | UK Politics
Stephen Twigg

Daesh's appalling actions in the Middle East are well documented, but most people have not heard the full horrors. They have committed crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and war crimes against Christian, Yazidi, Turimen, Shabak, Sabaean-Mandaean, and Kaka'I people across Northern Iraq. The manner in which these awful crimes are taking place is truly shocking... Too often in history we have been silent in the face of atrocities. It is time we heed the warnings of past generations - 'never again' - and we ensure that action is taken against Daesh for their ongoing genocide.

Brussels: Jihadist War on the West Closer to Reality

Dan Ehrlich | Posted 26.03.2017 | UK Politics
Dan Ehrlich

Daesh was responsible for Paris. Daesh was responsible for San Bernardino. And now Daesh is responsible for Brussels. Who or what will be next? Because there probably will be other attacks.

More Than One Direction

David Taylor | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK Politics
David Taylor

It's probably no surprise to you that I am not running for the office of President of the United States or seeking for your vote in a referendum. I've not got an employer who'll tell me to be careful and I expect my political friends have already discounted me as a Tory. Which mean I can say whatever I want right now, and I am going to do that with reference to Brussels.

For Peace in Syria, Arbitrary Detention Must End

Gareth Bayley | Posted 09.03.2017 | UK
Gareth Bayley

In Syria, massive and systematic violence continues to take place out of sight, in centres of detention away from the war's frontlines. The release of arbitrarily held detainees, including women and children, would be an opportunity to signal a desire to change the status quo and to demonstrate a real willingness to solve the conflict politically.

@UKagainstDaesh: Modernity's Answer to 'Make Do and Mend'

Gabriel Webber | Posted 27.02.2017 | UK Politics
Gabriel Webber

At the same time as British forces were launching offensives against key Isis targets in Syria, social media junkies in Whitehall were launching the a...

The Living Hell of Kurdish Yezedi Women

Gary Kent | Posted 18.02.2017 | UK Politics
Gary Kent

Runak is a Kurdish Yezidi and one of 5,000 women and children enslaved by Daesh. Her husband was taken, presumed dead. Her eldest son was abducted, probably to a Daesh training camp. Her eight-year old son was held for months and returned, probably after sexual abuse.

How Much More Political Rubble in Syria?

Dr Harry Hagopian | Posted 17.02.2017 | UK
Dr Harry Hagopian

I still remember those young days when my maternal grandfather Ohan Tabourian used to start his early mornings by carrying his battery-fed transistor ...

Exclusive: Missile That Was UK's Reason For Going Into Syria Hasn't Hit An ISIS Militant

The Huffington Post | Graeme Demianyk | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Politics

The RAF's celebrated Brimstone missile system has yet to kill or wound a single Isis terrorist in Syria since MPs controversially voted to support bom...

Highlighting the Religious Hypocrisy of ISIS

David Winston | Posted 02.02.2017 | UK
David Winston

Despite constant coverage of ISIS, known by their Arabic name as Daesh, Western media has overlooked the fact that a large proportion of their victims are ordinary Sunni Muslims - the very people they claims to represent. By doing this they are unwittingly aiding the narrative that Daesh is representing all Muslims against the West.

Without Decisive Action on Syria, Life Jackets Will Keep Piling Up on the Shores of Europe

Jo Cox | Posted 04.02.2017 | UK Politics
Jo Cox

Without action the life jackets will keep piling up on the shores of Europe as desperate people continue to flee. And the flames of this conflict will continue to rise, driving even more Syrians from their country or into the arms of extremists.

Much Ado About Muslims

Julian Bond | Posted 01.02.2017 | UK Politics
Julian Bond

Muslims have been in the news a lot lately, in fact for a minority community they receive a lot of coverage. We have heard the Prime Minister bemoanin...

Cameron on Muslim Women: Shoddy and Shameful

Robin Lustig | Posted 22.01.2017 | UK Politics
Robin Lustig

Let's see if I've got this right. Muslim women who are immigrants - which nearly half of them are not, having been born in the UK - are at risk of deportation unless they learn English. French Jews who have settled in London, on the other hand, get a French rabbi, because, presumably, they find it difficult to follow services in English. But no one says anything about deporting them unless they learn to speak English. I find this - what's the polite word? - puzzling.

How Should We Respond to the Emergence of Daeshtopia?

Jasmiina Kauriola | Posted 14.01.2017 | UK
Jasmiina Kauriola

While the effectiveness of these campaigns could be improved through the usage of humour, simplistic mockery of Islam is not enough. We must deconstruct the image of stern believers and show IS for what they are: a corrupt, power-hungry organisation taking advantage of people's misery.

Shakespeare and Soft Power

Gary Kent | Posted 06.01.2017 | UK Politics
Gary Kent

The debate on Britain joining airstrikes against Daesh in Syria generated more heat than light with an exaggerated focus on their impact, for better or worse. The Ministry of Defence website records just one missile strike in Syria over Christmas. This skewed debate also overlooks the contribution of British soft power to defeating Daesh. Airstrikes and Shakespeare.