Emmeline Pankhurst

10 Photos Of Women At Polling Stations That'll Convince You To Use Your Vote

The Huffington Post | Rachel Moss | Posted 08.06.2017 | UK Lifestyle

It’s 104 years to the day that Emily Davison died after blocking the path of a horse at the Epsom Derby, in a protest for democratic rights for wome...

Three Generations Of Pankhurst Women On Their Hopes And Dreams For Equality In 2017

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 08.03.2017 | UK Lifestyle

To mark International Women’s Day, we spoke to three descendants of political activist and leader of the Suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst, w...

As Theresa May Becomes the UK's Second Female Prime Minister, How Safe Are Women's Rights on Her Watch?

Dr. Helen Pankhurst | Posted 15.07.2017 | UK Politics
Dr. Helen Pankhurst

We rely on the law to safeguard justice. It is the existence of laws and challenges when they are not followed that sustains our democracy. We are now likely to be entering a period of high economic instability and the Brexit vote is also likely to result in the loss of a number of legal protections from the EU around worker's rights for example. Now more than ever our Human Rights Act is pivotal.

Why I Took Baby Rosa on Her First March for Mother's Day

Alice Allan | Posted 10.03.2017 | UK Parents
Alice Allan

With a name like Rosa perhaps you'd think she has no choice - her namesakes Rosa Parks and Luxemburg were two revolutionary heroines in the fight for global justice and equality. But becoming a mum has given me further reasons for wanting to make sure my baby (and her dad) attended the Walk in Her Shoes rally and march on Sunday 6 March - my very first mother's day as Mum.

'Justice and Judgement Lie Often a World Apart'

Polly Bartlett | Posted 21.02.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Polly Bartlett

Over 100 years ago, the liberal and forward thinking city of Manchester became the birthplace of the Suffragette Movement. From a small house in the t...

Never Mind the Ballots, I'm Voting for Raif Badawi!

Neil Durkin | Posted 06.05.2016 | UK
Neil Durkin

The boring campaign. The puerile campaign. The too-close-to-call-but-I'm-going-to-go-on-about-the-endless-permutations-of-possible-coalition-deals-any...

Celebrites Join Hundreds Marching Through London With Suffragete's Descendents

PA | Posted 09.03.2015 | UK

Hundreds of feminists have marched in London to demand equality for women on International Women's Day. Celebrities leading the march included sing...

Stars Turn Out For Women's Day

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 06.03.2015 | UK Entertainment

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday, Pathé is proud to release this portrait of the women behind 'Suffragette', the first feature film...

Feminism Is a Global Issue, and Our Solidarity Does Not End at the Shores of Our Own Country

Dr. Helen Pankhurst | Posted 03.05.2015 | UK
Dr. Helen Pankhurst

As women, we now have the power to influence the outcome of the election, and a responsibility for it.  We need to translate equal rights to vote into equal representation. Without this, policies are skewed in the interests and the image of those that govern - it is government of the few, by the few, for the few.

Where Are Our British Contrarians?

Ali Miraj | Posted 23.11.2014 | UK Politics
Ali Miraj

Too many people in British public life are "shackled by ambition". But there are the few who seek more than short-term career advancement. These are the people of ideas, that challenge, probe, and agitate for change. They are in the business of shaping the future, not of enjoying the comforts of a ministerial Jaguar.

New Suffragettes Display at the National Portrait Gallery

Victoria Sadler | Posted 20.10.2014 | UK Entertainment
Victoria Sadler

Included in the display are a number of iconic images from the protests, including the funeral cortege for Emily Davison, the suffragette who died in a protest at Epsom Derby. Her funeral was an extraordinary occasion. Thousands of suffragettes accompanied the coffin, most of whom in the WSPU uniform of white, purple and green.

Feminism Is Not About Female Behaviour

Victoria Sadler | Posted 26.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Victoria Sadler

When oh when will men stop "correcting" women on their feminism? It is not demeaning to women, how they choose to represent themselves. It is demeaning though, and extraordinarily patronising in the most perversely ironic of ways, for a man to appropriate feminism to his side of the argument to "correct" female behaviour.

The Art of Protest: Vandalism of Art Will Always Happen - And That's Ok

Victoria Sadler | Posted 31.08.2013 | UK Entertainment
Victoria Sadler

Political protest through art vandalism casts a wider net than just a direct attack on original pieces of work... An instinctive reaction is to be outraged when we hear of works of art being attacked. Why? Art's great power is in its irreverence. Why should we therefore be reverent of it?