A Daily Mail Reader Took England's Rugby Defeat REALLY Badly

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 04.10.2015 | UK Sport

England are out of the rugby World Cup - the first time a host nation has ever crashed out in the group stages since it began. The nation is in mou...

England's Rugby Team Is Now As Bad As The National Football Team

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 03.10.2015 | UK Sport

The England national rugby team crashed out of their own World Cup in the group stages on Saturday. The Lions were mauled by Australia 33-13 in a stun...

Rugby World Cup: The Importance of Leaving a Legacy

Steve Grainger | Posted 01.10.2015 | UK Sport
Steve Grainger

We want rugby to be among England's strongest sports, with clubs thriving and participation at an all-time high, to create a lasting legacy for generations to come. We have spent the last three years putting clear foundations in place to make the most of this opportunity.

Guardi for England? I'd Rather Have Gary

Matthew Smith | Posted 29.09.2015 | UK Sport
Matthew Smith

Gary Neville should be the next England manager. He might not have the experience managing at club level, but has nearly four years on Hodgson's coaching staff to back him up, plus two decades of playing under Sir Alex at Manchester United. You learn a thing or two in a situation like that. His punditry is one piece of evidence in that regard.

Celebrations Continue Over Wales' 'Courageous And Historic' Win Over England

The Huffington Post UK | Steven Hopkins | Posted 27.09.2015 | UK

Wales' victory over England in the Rugby World Cup is being heralded as one of the greatest ever wins for the nation. The Welsh underdogs came bac...

Paloma Faith's Rugby World Cup Song Is Annoying Fans So Much They've Started A Revolt

The Huffington Post UK | Sophie Brown | Posted 25.09.2015 | UK Entertainment

A disgruntled rugby fan has started a petition calling for ITV to drop Paloma Faith's "excruciatingly awful" Rugby World Cup theme music. Jonathan ...

Celebrate Good Times: Watching England Win The 2003 Rugby World Cup in Kingston, Jamaica.

Chris Hobbs | Posted 17.09.2015 | UK Sport
Chris Hobbs

Post match celebrations (indentities obsured for security reasons) Our pleasure at being back in Kingston, Jamaica back in November 2003 was temper...

After David Cameron Slagged Off Yorkshire, Here's 6 Reasons Why It's The Best Place To Live In Blighty

The Huffington Post UK | Aubrey Allegretti | Posted 11.09.2015 | UK

Patrick Stewart, Brian Blessed, Jarvis Cocker and the man who invented the toilet; Yorkshire has a lot to boast about. But David Cameron's only gon...

What I Learnt From Spending Time Away From the Internet

Lizzie Davey | Posted 09.09.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Lizzie Davey

It was almost 11pm and I was responding to a client offer after a day spent hiking, eating, and dodging the rain. I never worked this late at home, so why was I still tapping away on my tiny keypad as it was nearing midnight?

Rooney's 50th Makes Him England's All-Time Leading Goal Scorer

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 08.09.2015 | UK Sport

Wayne Rooney became England’s all-time record goal scorer on Tuesday, striking his 50th from the penalty spot to surpass Sir Bobby Charlton’s long...

The Glory Days - Football's Old School Heroes

The Huffington Post | Scott Fulton | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Sport

The Old School. It’s a phrase well banded in the world of modern football – a reference to the glory days and of legends passed. It's the mull...

My Experience in Calais' Refugee Camp - The Jungle

Jaz O'Hara | Posted 11.08.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Jaz O'Hara

I've been thinking all day about how I can find the words for what we experienced last week. An hours drive from my house, then half an hour on the Eurotunnel, and we were in the world's worst refugee camp in terms of resources and conditions, yet we were welcomed with open arms. It's amazing how only the people who have nothing really know how to share.

How My Other Half Lives

Sarah Kwong | Posted 07.08.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Sarah Kwong

We had been in Hong Kong for five days, marvelling at their mild December. Through osmosis, I'd learnt even more about the culture than I already knew. But there were still parts of my history that I hadn't really considered until I was here, having dinner with long lost everyones and watching everyday life play out for the people who shared my DNA.

Six Places in the UK You Have to Visit Before You Die

Tom McLoughlin | Posted 03.07.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Tom McLoughlin

Great Britain may be small and compact but our little island offers a world of rich history, outstanding nature and some of Europe's most diverse and exciting cities. There are some places in Britain that are simply unmissable; here are 6 places in the UK you just have to visit before you die.

Stoppage Time Own Goal Knocks England Out Of World Cup

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 02.07.2015 | UK Sport

England were knocked out of the World Cup on Wednesday evening, the Lionesses losing to Japan 2-1 in the semi-finals of the tournament in Edmonton, Ca...

Why Next Season Will Be Make or Break for Newcastle United

Joe Cooper | Posted 01.07.2015 | UK Sport
Joe Cooper

Many Toon fans are understandably skeptical of the man who has previously rebranded their historic stadium as the 'Sports Direct Arena' and slapped Wonga on the revered black and white stripes but so far, the signs seem to be positive.

Did the Conservatives Really Win the General Election?

Adriano Mérola Marotta | Posted 22.05.2015 | UK Politics
Adriano Mérola Marotta

Since the Conservative party "won" the UK general election on May 7th, people have taken to the streets across the UK in a defiant display of disenchantment with the electoral system and the austerity consensus of the major political parties. The prospect of 5 more years of crippling austerity has prompted many to reclaim the future of UK politics.

Lies, Capitalism, Natural Nanotechnology and England

Chris Forman | Posted 17.05.2015 | UK Tech
Chris Forman

As we learn more about biological systems and their nature in the context of the Earth as a single system, we begin to understand the natural nanotechnology involved. Just as birds inspired flight so the camouflage of octopi and the colours of butterflies inspire new levels of control over material.

Matters of the Mind - Speaking Out About Mental Health in Schools

Anna Hicks | Posted 13.05.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Anna Hicks

Don't turn a blind eye to problems that need addressing. Children can suffer from mental health problems too, keep that in mind.

Take a Breath, Britain

Andy Gibson | Posted 12.05.2015 | UK Politics
Andy Gibson

I have been avoiding the commentary in the aftermath of last week's UK elections. The crowing triumphalism on one side, and the unfocussed rage on the other, have been too much for my hangover to bear. Take a breath, Britain, and let's think about this properly.

Steffon Armitage - The Only Choice

Tom Byrne | Posted 07.05.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Tom Byrne

The RFU policy on selection for the England team is frustrating; if you want to represent your country you must play your club rugby in England. The idea is simple; to make sure the best English players are playing week in week out for our clubs...

UK Would Lose 8% of Its Economy By Quitting the EU

Tim Oliver | Posted 06.05.2015 | UK Politics
Tim Oliver

Britain's E.U. debate focuses on the economics, so let's be clear the biggest cost of a Brexit would be losing the 8% (£150 billion) of the U.K. econ...

22 Problems Only English People Completely Understand

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 22.04.2015 | UK Comedy

St George's Day is upon us, like some sort of huge dragon. And we can think of no finer way to celebrate England, our England, than to think about wha...

How Roy Hodgson's England Can Win Euro 2016

Chris Deeley | Posted 02.06.2015 | UK Sport
Chris Deeley

England had a horrendous World Cup in Brazil. There's no getting away from that. But playing in the unfamiliar heat and humidity of South America is one thing - Euro 2016 is in France. It levels the playing field slightly - not a big change, but every little helps.

Well To Be fair, It Does look Like Him

The Huffington Post UK | Elliot Wagland | Posted 01.04.2015 | UK Sport

Ryan Mason's England debut will live long in his memory, not because he made his first appearance in Turin against Italy but because he was trolled on...