10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Mum Friends

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 30.07.2015 | UK Parents

Mummy friends. Mum friends. Friends with children. However you want to put it, those women get you through more than you realise. They're the women...

Chris O'Dowd Is Teaching Heathrow Staff To Be 'Imaginary Friend Friendly'

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 29.07.2015 | UK Parents

Heathrow has introduced an imaginary friend policy to help children "feel at home" at the airport. Airport staff have been taught how to interact w...

Are Lesbians Responsible for Anti-Feminism?

E J Rosetta | Posted 24.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle
E J Rosetta

The assumption is that lady-loving-ladies will do just that... Be bloody nice to each other at least. But it's wishful thinking. You've heard of man-hating lesbians but, in my experience, you're more likely to encounter a woman-hating lesbian, however ironic that sounds.

Travelling or Leaving With Style?

Chloe Palmer | Posted 24.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Chloe Palmer

Choosing to travel is so wonderful so much of the time that it is easy for everyone (travellers included) to forget that it is like any choice in life: when you choose one option you have to forgo whatever the other option may be.

Your Perfect Boyfriend... or Your Female Friends? When the Gender Differences Stab You Through Your Heart.

Olga Levancuka | Posted 12.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Olga Levancuka

We women, stopped trying to bring our remarkable female qualities that can only benefit our relationship, our career, our social circles, our community. We think of our unique qualities as something to be ashamed of, given our inner beauty and our female nature held us captives in a male world... only decades ago.

Toxic People: 10 Things They Do and How to Deal With Them

Karen Young | Posted 02.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Karen Young

Their damage lies in their subtlety and the way they can have you questioning your 'over-reactiveness', your 'oversensitivity', your 'tendency to misinterpret'. There are plenty of things toxic people do in an attempt to manipulate the world to their advantage. Here are ten of the classics.

Love Me Like You Do - 14 Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Chenice Clarke | Posted 30.03.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Chenice Clarke

Valentine's Day fast approaching here are my top 14 budget-friendly date and gift ideas that will leave both your partner and your bank account happy.

Fourteen Things I Learnt in 2014

Anais Mutumba | Posted 03.03.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Anais Mutumba

2014 has been unexpected. Dreams I didn't even know I had I've accomplished, friendships I didn't know I needed I've gained and memories I will neve...

Stressed Out, Anxious? How To Be Happy In 2015

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Preskey | Posted 02.01.2015 | UK Lifestyle

We know that the concept of happiness is relative - if there was a one-size-fits-all quick fix to make us feel good then you wouldn't be reading this....

Activist Burnout: Have I Gone Off The Deep End? (Or 'The Unbearable Heaviness of Being')

Cerian Jenkins | Posted 18.01.2015 | UK Politics
Cerian Jenkins

Sometimes I worry that I've become nothing more than a human embodiment of a 'worthy cause' telethon. The issues which I feel so passionately about ...

Sex and the City vs. Real Friendships: Why the Carrie Bradshaw Model Doesn't Work

Rhiannon Davies | Posted 23.09.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Rhiannon Davies

We all know the scene: Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals meet up for lunch mid-week in a swanky restaurant, order cosmopolitans and discuss men. It's pretty cliché, so why do so many of us feel bad that our own friendships aren't 'Sex and the City' enough?

Letting Grief Re-Define What Time and Success Mean

Debbie Leven | Posted 17.09.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Debbie Leven

Losing friends or family always makes you contemplate about life. Maybe it's also about being older and having different priorities, understanding that it's not the material things that really make a difference or bring happiness. When I was told the news that my friend had passed away I remember my immediate reaction was 'I thought there was more time.'

How Genetics Plays A Part In How You Pick Your Friends

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 15.07.2014 | UK Lifestyle

You may think you've picked your friends from shared jokes and chance encounters, but science suggests that genetics may have a big role to play. ...

How About Just Being Nice and Polite to Each Other?

Daisy May Sitch | Posted 15.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Daisy May Sitch

Certain happenings of late have got me thinking about etiquette. Take for instance the sorry state/lack of genuine "Hey, good morning. How are you?" in the workplace or the mass disruption of the tube strike by the RMT and TSSA unions. Better yet, a fellow journalist being trolled for getting Vincent Vinturi's "rape manual" eBook removed from Amazon.

Are Old Friendships Worth Re-igniting? If You Think There Is a Chance, Here Is How to Find Them

Dr. Irene S. Levine | Posted 13.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Dr. Irene S. Levine

The large majority of friendships, even very good ones, simply drift apart as the schism between two people who were once friends grows so wide that neither one has the interest or energy to keep up the relationship.

10 Brilliant Quotes That Sum Up Friendship

The Huffington Post UK | Poorna Bell | Posted 05.02.2014 | UK Lifestyle

Our friends are the ones who pick us up when we fall (usually because they've bought us 10 vodka shots beforehand), say the right thing to cheer us up...

Why It's So Difficult To Make (And Keep) Friends When You're An Adult

The Huffington Post UK | Poorna Bell | Posted 31.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle

Arranging to meet friends, the older you get, becomes less about spontaneity and more about 'let me check my diary' and settling on a date weeks - eve...

Does Divorce Run In The Friendship Group? Men Inspired By Friend's Relationship Breakdown

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 18.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle

Almost a quarter of men who are either getting a divorce or considering splitting up with their partners were influenced by a friend's relationship de...

Building Our Tribe

Amy Anka | Posted 08.12.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Amy Anka

Whether it be your therapist, hairdresser, sister, or best friend, make sure you build that tribe, and surround yourself with people who encourage, inspire, and remind you of how truly fabulous you are.

Make Friends With Your Wisdom

Ladan Soltani | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Ladan Soltani

Funny how we always run to our friends to share our problems, yet more often than not, that's looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Brave Communicado

Carrie Lloyd | Posted 23.06.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Carrie Lloyd

The word 'confrontation' terrifies the Twinings out of the Brits. I believe us not bravely communicating our feelings is a gigantic reason for divorce, illness and a plethora of bad behaviour.

Have You Done Your 2013 Facebook Cull Yet?

Cynthia Lawrence | Posted 04.03.2013 | UK Tech
Cynthia Lawrence

While I am grateful for the new acquaintances made over 2012, I soon discovered that as soon as Facebook can create friendships it can also end them. Which is why I intend to do a Facebook cull to rid any toxic friends intent on spreading negative energy to ruin my karma!

"She's a Health Freak!" Don't You Mean 'Geek'?

Heleana Quartey | Posted 21.09.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Heleana Quartey

Plodding away on that treadmill may leave you thinking only of the destination of loosing that stubborn five pounds/that muffin top etc; but you can lose a whole day biking in Epping Forest or the South Downs, or kayaking in Snowdonia and not realise how many calories you've burned through.

Are You Addicted to Change - And Allergic to Commitment?

BritChick Paris | Posted 27.04.2012 | UK Lifestyle
BritChick Paris

I am certainly not cured of my fear of being tied down. But I know now that fantasising about a life that 'could' be means you miss out on the life you have. Head in the clouds is fine but feet on the ground is better.

Game Over: How can you Lose Someone you Never Really Had?

Olivia Rose | Posted 03.12.2011 | UK Lifestyle
Olivia Rose

I don't hate people. I will mourn the loss of this person in my life, regardless of how I've been treated, with dignity and respect, not only for me but for him. It might make it harder, but he is from Mars after all, and it isn't that great there from what I understand.