Gay Pride

There's Never Been a Better Time to Show Your Pride

A.J. Higginson | Posted 27.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
A.J. Higginson

Pride attracts weary cynicism, 'I don't mind lesbians and gays but why do they need to flaunt themselves like that!' This statement in itself validates the need for Pride, however, questions are worth discussing.

Cambridge Students Stage Mass Gay Kiss As 'Message Of Hope' To Russia

The Huffington Post UK | Edith Hancock | Posted 12.02.2014 | UK Universities & Education

Hundreds of students staged and filmed a mass kiss as part of a gay pride flashmob in solidarity with the Russian LGBT community. At midday on Sund...

When Did 'Gay' Become a Dirty Word?

Daniel Warner | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Daniel Warner

I think the bigger issue is not how offended the gay community will be when a so called 'celebrity' lets rip with a homophobic rant but more the reasons why grown men deem being a receiver of swollen goods anything less than a life style of utter fabulousness?

We've Boycotted The Vodka, Now For The Mixer..

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 21.10.2013 | UK

Russian vodka was the high profile target of gay rights activists, boycotting the blends to protest the country's crack down on gay "propaganda", whic...

'Norwich Pride Is An Unashamed Carnival Of Perverted Carnality'

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 30.08.2013 | UK

A pastor is under police investigation after describing the Norwich Pride celebrations as an “unashamed carnival of perverted carnality”. Rev D...

An Open Apology to Germany - Ich Bin Ein Hen

Charli Morgan | Posted 26.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Charli Morgan

My Berlin hen weekend was the most terrifying thing to happen to Germany since World War II. And that makes me as proud as a hen who has laid a particularly fine egg... none of my hens laid so much as an egg, although we did see a few Berliners taking the sexy bullet on our behalves.

Do the Rights of Straight People Need Defending?

Luke Massey | Posted 12.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Luke Massey

Starting an organisation to represent the rights of the dominant majority in a society is patently absurd, and speaks to the intolerance of those involved in their rejection of rights for a minority. It simply rings alarm bells for those who wish to see equality extended to everyone regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, disabilities, religious beliefs, or anything else.

Review: The Pride, Trafalgar Studios

Victoria Sadler | Posted 11.10.2013 | UK Entertainment
Victoria Sadler

The cast, also including Mathew Horne as a range of supporting characters, is very strong. Each actor brings great poise and conviction to their performance, wonderfully dramatizing the internal conflicts within their character.

Nine of the Best Gay Friendly Hotels | Posted 04.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle

This weekend saw the UK host two of the largest Gay Pride festivals in Liverpool and Brighton, celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender life. Both cities will hold a parade and open air festival, featuring stages and street stalls accompanied by various arts and cultural events throughout the cities.

Queerying Queer

B.J. Epstein | Posted 17.09.2013 | UK Lifestyle
B.J. Epstein

Nearly every time I write an article (or talk on the radio) about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues, someone then contacts me to complain about my employment of the word "queer". Since summer is the season for LGBT(Q!) pride events, it seems like the ideal time to que(e)ry the term "queer", and to think about why it seems to be a word that divides opinion.

Glastonbury, Wimbledon, Fourth Of July And More: Funny Tweets Of The Week

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 09.07.2013 | UK Comedy

Welcome to this week's round-up - which, as you'll see below, is something of a bumper crop. Well, it's not every week that Glastonbury, Wimbledon, Ga...

LOOK: Shirtless Prince Harry Entices Punters Into Gay Bar

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 05.07.2013 | UK

A London gay bar is luring in drinkers with a topless mural of Prince Harry. Visitors to Soho’s Manbar are greeted by the royal’s six pack and...

Vladimir Putin, The Czar of Homophobia

Peter G Tatchell | Posted 02.09.2013 | UK Politics
Peter G Tatchell

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has signed into law the new homophobic Bill that criminalises gay freedom of expression. The adoption of children by foreign same-sex couples has also been banned and gay organisations that receive financial donations from overseas are being fined as 'foreign agents'. These are the latest examples of an escalating trend towards homophobic repression in Russia...

Cameron: 'Equal Marriage Will Allow Gay Schoolchildren To Stand Taller'

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.06.2013 | UK

Equal marriage reforms will allow gay schoolchildren to "stand a little bit taller", David Cameron said as he heralded the 2013 Pride in London parade...

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Celebrations Begin (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 07.08.2013 | UK

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Tel Aviv to celebrate gay pride. Amid the festivities of the city's 15th annual parade, several polit...

Aids 1: Guardian 0

Scott Capurro | Posted 29.06.2013 | UK Comedy
Scott Capurro

Maybe Glenn Greenwald can stop blaming gay people for the merchandising of America's Left, and find his own progressives who don't mind being ostracized or murdered. Short of that, a radical makeover of SF Gay Pride is necessary, if only so Glenn has something to strum about when he's musing on his acoustic Gibson after one too many Starbucks cappuccinos from his Notting Hill local.

Upcoming Gay Pride Parades Around the World

Aimee Avory-Adams | Posted 12.06.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Aimee Avory-Adams

From the pool parties in Spain to the high heel racing in Miami, these international events see hundreds of millions of people unite to celebrate gay pride.

Where Is It Written?

Paul Guest | Posted 06.04.2013 | UK Politics
Paul Guest

Why should politicians govern love? And who has the right to deny anyone the chance to love who they choose, man or woman?

21st Century Young Gay Man

William S | Posted 11.11.2012 | UK Lifestyle
William S

I've been lucky; being a young gay man in the 21st Century is certainly different to that of fifty, or even ten, years ago. In essence the law is now on my side, I can love another man freely, I can get engaged and have a civil partnership and, should I wish to do so, adopt children.

Gay Pride: Are the Celebrations Something to Be Proud Of?

Laura Pearson-Smith | Posted 04.11.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Laura Pearson-Smith

It does nothing but damage the image of gay couples. The emphasis was on sex rather than love; and had a flamboyant carnival atmosphere vastly different from the original pride parade in New York in 1969 which was firmly about politics and equality.

Moscow Bans Gay Pride Celebrations For A Century

Posted 17.08.2012 | UK Politics

A Russian court has upheld a ban on gay pride parades taking place in Moscow for the next 100 years. Nikolai Alexeyev, the founder of the Russian c...

Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party Attend LGBT Event for First Time

Adam McGibbon | Posted 09.10.2012 | UK Politics
Adam McGibbon

In a move perhaps more unexpected than Marty McGuinness shaking the hand of Queen Lizzie, the Democratic Unionist Party, Northern Ireland's biggest party, sent a representative to an LGBT event for the first time last Tuesday night.

Belfast: Pride is a Protest!

Gary Spedding | Posted 02.10.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Gary Spedding

No matter how much of this amazingly diverse planet one experiences, there can be no substitute for the exquisitely unique annual celebration of Gay Pride. Indeed the collective collaboration over the years between various LGBT groups and those supporting them has brought together a whirlwind of colourful displays by those of us who are out and proud.

Pride and Joy

B.J. Epstein | Posted 25.09.2012 | UK Lifestyle
B.J. Epstein

Pride is a day when children raised by LGBTQ parents can meet others like them and can be reminded that it's not actually such a unique or unusual position to be in and that their family goes through many of the same trials and has the same joys and the same love as any straight family.

Why Must a Fall Come Before Pride?

Colm Howard-Lloyd | Posted 22.09.2012 | UK Politics
Colm Howard-Lloyd

I read the stories that surrounded the scaling-down of this year's WorldPride with a sense of dread and just a little déjà vu.