Daredevil Grandma Goes Skydiving To Celebrate Her 95th Birthday

The Huffington Post | Rachel Moss | Posted 12.10.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Bettie Butler recently celebrated her 95th birthday, by jumping out of a plane. With friends and family cheering from below, the pensioner, from India...

This SKYDIVING Genius Just Solved A Rubik's Cube In Mid-Air

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 08.09.2015 | UK Tech

Most of us would find a Rubik's Cube frustrating at the best times - comfortably seated in a chair, feet on the ground with no distractions. Howeve...

Travel Eye: Why the WILD Side of New Zealand Should Be on Your Travel List

Karen Edwards | Posted 19.08.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Karen Edwards

At New Zealand's southern most point in the Catlins region, the Arctic winds have started to pick up. As temperatures plummet from the 23 to four degrees, I find myself on a beach, looking out for the rare and endemic Yellow-Eyed penguin.

How Weight Loss is Like A Skydive

Neil Martin | Posted 03.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Neil Martin

It was 3am and three hours before my alarm was due to go off. I managed to get back to sleep, but there was no doubt that when the alarm went off the nervous anticipation would return. This was to be no ordinary day.

Skydivers Have Near-Death Experience With Propellor

The Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 09.02.2015 | UK Tech

So you're standing at the open bay door of a plane at 10,000 feet, you jump out and experience the thrill of freefall. Then you look up and see the...

Dancing... At 15,000ft

The Huffington Post UK | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 03.02.2015 | UK Tech

Skydiving is much harder than it looks. That is of course if you want to do more than simply bellyflop the air and gawp at your surroundings. This ...

The Incredible Moment A Skydiver Was Almost Hit By Falling Meteorite

Huffington Post UK | Posted 04.04.2014 | UK Tech

A Norwegian skydiver has captured the unbelievable moment he was almost hit by a falling meteorite. Anders Helstrup recorded the falling rock as he...

Skydiver Survives 12,000-Foot Fall With Broken Chute

Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Tech

When a veteran skydiver with more than 1,000 jumps experience fell 12,000 feet with a broken parachute last week and survived, his story naturally exp...

Adventuring in the Pocono Mountains

Akeela Bhattay | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Akeela Bhattay

Just 75 miles from New York and 85 miles from Philadelphia, the Pocono Mountains make for a convenient retreat and with so much to offer throughout the seasons, from outdoor adventures, fine dining, shopping and pampering, it's a destination that can be enjoyed by all.

The Anti-Wedding Guide to Weddings

Xavier Toby | Posted 14.07.2013 | UK Comedy
Xavier Toby

What have you got after a wedding? A dress you will hopefully never wear again, a ring you'll constantly be terrified of losing, hazy memories of an argument with a friend over nothing, a colossal hangover, and a million photos and hours of boring video.

Haye And Schumacher Go Skydiving (PICTURE)

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 12.04.2013 | UK Sport

No, it's not the first still from the Point Break remake (what the hell are they thinking?), it's boxing's David Haye and former Formula 1 world champ...

Go on, Do Something Stupid - But Only if It's Included in the Price

Martin Dorey | Posted 15.01.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Martin Dorey

So go on, do something stupid. Take a chance on that tandem skydive, google that slack lining school, splash out on that ice holing holiday and book in that bobsleigh break. It's all covered, although, interestingly, I couldn't find skinny dipping anywhere. Oh well.

Blue Peter and the Golden Age of British Children's Television

Alex Leger | Posted 07.01.2013 | UK Entertainment
Alex Leger

I finally retired last year after 36 years on the show to write my memoirs, but here's hoping Blue Peter and its brilliant presenters celebrate many more amazing adventures showing just how good the best children's TV can be.

Huffington Post Picture Desk Live: 9th October 2012

Posted 09.10.2012 | UK

Scroll down for some of the best news, entertainment, culture and sports pictures from around the world, brought to you by The Huffington Post's Pictu...

Queen's Stunt Double Recalls 'Unsurpassable' Experience

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.07.2012 | UK

Doubling for the Queen in the breathtaking skydive into the Olympics opening ceremony was an "unsurpassable" experience, a stuntman said today. Gar...

Parachute Death Man Named

PA | Posted 06.09.2012 | UK

A man who died after his parachute came down in a field was a 40-year-old father-of-three, police said today. Lee Arthur Clifford, from St Helens, ...

Parachutist Dies Following Jump Near Lancaster

PA | Posted 07.07.2012 | UK

A male parachutist has died after coming down in a field, an ambulance service said. Paramedics were called to a field next to a church on Main Str...

If You’re Thinking Of Going Skydiving, You Probably Shouldn’t Watch This (VIDEO)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 25.07.2012 | UK

A video of a pensioner nearly slipping out of her parachute harness as she takes her first tandem skydive has hit the web. The clip, originally po...

Something (Different) For The Weekend; Indoor Skydiving and Segway Off-Road Rallying

Bob Pickett | Posted 04.05.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Bob Pickett

So what did you do this weekend? Mow the lawn? Maybe take a trip to the pub? Why not try something out of the ordinary? Two ideas for Something Ver...

WATCH: Daredevil Prepares To Skydive From The Edge Of Space

Huffington Post UK | Alastair Plumb | Posted 07.02.2012 | UK Comedy

Felix Baumgartner isn't your average Austrian. After all, over the course of his 42 years on earth he's jumped off Malaysia's 378.6m (1,242ft) tall Pe...