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This Monster-Like Sea Scorpion Predator Roamed The Seas 460 Million Years Ago

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Tech

The fossil of an ancient giant sea scorpion, dating back 460 million years has been discovered in Iowa, US. The four-foot long creature is related ...

Wikipedia Just Dished Out Some Serious Justice To Blackmailing Editors

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Tech

Scam Wikipedia editors who have been reportedly blackmailing small businesses and celebrities for money to update their Wikipedia pages, have been ban...

The Long Road to Stimulating Tech Innovation in Africa

Loren Treisman | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Tech
Loren Treisman

Beyond the hype, burgeoning tech communities across the continent could shape their societies in transformative ways. For their true potential to be realised, it will require patience, long-term investment and tailored support but it's well worth the effort as the potential pay-off is huge.

Top Five Ways to Increase Your Cybersecurity

Roger Keenan | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Tech
Roger Keenan

It's official - digitisation has taken over our lives. With there now being more mobile devices than humans on earth and even fridges and kettles being connected to the internet, it's sadly inevitable that malicious organisations will attempt to access our data.

WHSmith May Have Just Leaked Your Personal Data To Its Entire Mailing List

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Tech

WHSmith appears to have leaked personal contact information of those using one of the store's contact forms to a number of people around the country. ...

Turns Out Wasps Could Cure Cancer

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Tech

The venom found in a wasp's sting could potentially be a life-saving cure for cancer sufferers, according to a new study from Brazil. The key t...

An Attack on Renewables Is an Attack on the Young

Piers Telemacque | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Piers Telemacque

Imagine if the government took the money it spends on war and fossil fuels and spent it on developing a vibrant renewable energy industry instead. At the moment they're doing the reverse. They're backing the interests of big oil and gas over the interests of young people.

So, Here Is What Sony's New Smartphones Will Look Like

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech

Sony's latest range of smartphones might arguably be the worst kept secret in the tech industry this year. A video, that has now been taken down, a...

Aliens May Exist On Pluto, Professor Brian Cox Says So

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Tech

Alien life on Pluto is not a far-fetched possibility, according to Professor Brian Cox. In an interview with The Times, Cox explained how recent im...

What Is the Connection Between Leadership and Digital Stress?

Sofie Sandell | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech
Sofie Sandell

When we carry our digital devices with us it means that we bring our work with us everywhere we go. It's right there in our pocket or on the table next to us. Our brain and body are never really disconnected from our work life.

This Guy Voluntarily Electrocuted Himself For Science

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech

Mehdi Sadaghhdar is an electrical engineer who, like some YouTubers, gets attention by attempting the good, bad and insanely stupid experimental side ...

New Transplant Method Keeps Human Hearts Beating Outside Of The Body

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech

An incredible new transplant method has been captured on camera, keeping a human heart beating in a machine. The device, expected to save millions ...

The US Is Building An Army Of Drones And The Damage They Could Do Is Terrifying

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech

The US' Department of Defense has confirmed plans to build an army of drones that will eventually replace manned aircrafts in a war zone. The Greml...

Say Goodbye To Blind Spots, Land Rover Has Found A Way To Make Trailers Invisible

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech

Land Rover has unveiled new research that claims to make trailers and caravans transparent. The company will trial a prototype vehicle at the Burgh...

This Island Will Disappear In 10 Years And Barack Obama Is Not Happy About It

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech

Barack Obama began his three-day tour of Alaska with a few harsh words for climate change deniers. Addressing the GLACIER (Global Leadership In Th...

Have We Hit Communication Overload?

Nigel Eastwood | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech
Nigel Eastwood

There is so much technological noise out there right now; so many apps; so many upgrades; so many content providers; so many packages, bundles and choices. In this new world, where we have so many technological options, it's easy to find our eyes glazing over.

10 Dumbest Inventions Of All Time

Tom Hopkins | Posted 31.08.2015 | UK Tech
Tom Hopkins

The job of the innovator is rarely easy. But a few of these could have been easily avoided using the simple mantra: "If it's not broken, don't fix it".

Reddit's Predictions Of The Future Aren't As Outlandish As You'd Expect

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 31.08.2015 | UK Tech

Reddit users have made their predictions for the future, and they're not as outlandish as you might expect. Logical suggestions for future computer...

Why Cutting Solar Subsidies Will Speed Up the Clean Energy Revolution

Assaad W Razzouk | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Tech
Assaad W Razzouk

Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are in despair. But for a maturing UK solar power industry, the proposed cuts are a blessing in disguise - and, if implemented, will end up meaning more and cheaper solar panels across the UK.

Luddites Make the Tech Revolutions

Lisa Ma | Posted 30.08.2015 | UK Tech
Lisa Ma

The Luddites were producers, crafts people, makers and tinkerers. The word luddite might be used negatively by the tech-savvy among us - but like the 19th century activists, we need to start thinking about our labour and makers rights in the new biotechnological era.

After Making Billions, Minecraft Founder Says He's 'Never Felt More Isolated'

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 30.08.2015 | UK Tech

The billionaire founder of video game series Minecraft has taken to social media to say he has "never felt more isolated" since he sold the franchise ...

Google Maps Turned Into This Incredible Generative Art

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 30.08.2015 | UK Tech

A Boston-based computer coder has turned his hand to modifying the Google Maps API to produce some very cool generative art. Shaun Utter has create...

Jimmy Kimmel's Rude Interviewer Proves Technology is Terrible

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 29.08.2015 | UK Comedy

Jimmy Kimmel thinks people are paying less and less attention to ... Oh, wow! Kylie Jenner be doing that cray-cray stuff on Instagram again. How will ...

Back From Holidays? These Three Tips Will Make Your Digital Detox Results Last

Anastasia Dedyukhina | Posted 28.08.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Anastasia Dedyukhina

Holidays are the main reason why August is the month when most people take digital detox. However, now that the summer is almost over and we are back to our lives and pouring rain, how can we make sure that our digital detox results stick?

Ashley Madison's CEO Was Planning Something That Would Have Made The Site Seedier

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 28.08.2015 | UK Tech

Noel Biderman, the CEO of Ashley Madison, has resigned according to a statement from the organisation's parent company, Avid Life Media. He leaves ...