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Dating Apps, Rape and the Lack of Safety in Online Dating

Sofie Sandell | Posted 24.02.2016 | UK Tech
Sofie Sandell

Why isn't the online dating industry forced to check who they let in before they allow people to start using dating apps? Having rapists and criminals pretending to be 'the honest guy' in the world of online dating is just awful.

From Prisoner to Programmer: What Can the UK Learn From Silicon Valley?

Suzanne Ashman | Posted 24.02.2016 | UK Tech
Suzanne Ashman

Unsurprisingly, we must look to Silicon Valley for the new, cutting-edge innovation. Or more precisely, to the hills overlooking the bay, which are home to San Quentin, California's oldest prison. To put San Quentin in a UK justice context, it would be a category A prison - it's home to 699 death row inmates.

Please, Square-Enix, Don't Put Mini-Games in Final Fantasy XV

Daniel Williams | Posted 24.02.2016 | UK Tech
Daniel Williams

FFIX isn't as bad because some of the mini-games, such as button-mashing 'X' a thousand times in a row for the 'skipping' mini-game, are simply impossible and not even worth the effort. Hunting for 'chocographs' in the 'Chocobo Hot & Cold' mini-game is slow and time-consuming, but necessary to get some of the best equipment in the game.

Video is Driving the Increase in Social Sharing: How to Get Involved

Melissa Davis | Posted 23.02.2016 | UK Tech
Melissa Davis

Have you noticed that you can now add video to virtually every social platform? Both Instagram and Twitter have added it where previously only stills were an option and although there are time limits on the videos that you can upload to these platforms, it's these snippets that are getting the most likes and shares.

Another Passenger Flight Is Targeted By A Laser Beam Near Heathrow

The Huffington Post UK | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 23.02.2016 | UK

A British Airways plane was targeted by a laser beam as it approached London Heathrow Airport on Monday evening, police have confirmed. Officers ar...

How to Design a Card Game - A Few Tips from a Game Designer

Tomas Rawlings | Posted 23.02.2016 | UK Tech
Tomas Rawlings

Glance at any news coverage and you'll see the US presidential elections dominating it. It's on a lot of people's minds as it determines who will (arguably) be the most powerful person in the world.

Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution Benefit Us All?

Miguel Milano | Posted 23.02.2016 | UK Tech
Miguel Milano

This idea has really resonated - since then, through all the news about oil prices, tech shares and financial uncertainties, it's continued to gain traction among business and political figures as well as economists.

Five Top Ways to Build Twitter Followers When You're Just Starting Out

Steve D. Shaw | Posted 22.02.2016 | UK Tech
Steve D. Shaw

Building a strong base of followers is the aim of most businesses starting out on Twitter. For most, starting out with zero, that's more than a bit daunting. But it's often just a matter of time and using the right strategy.

London Fashion Week AW16 - Challenging Traditions and Embracing the Modern Digital World

Richard Dodgson | Posted 22.02.2016 | UK Style
Richard Dodgson

London Fashion Week AW16 is only just kicking off and already we have witnessed some historic transformations. As technology and social media have become increasingly prominent parts of our daily lives, the way in which we interact with brands is changing and the fashion industry is being compelled to respond.

Apollo 10 Astronauts Heard 'Otherworldly Music' On The Dark Side Of The Moon

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 22.02.2016 | UK Tech

Previously unreleased recordings have revealed the crew of an Apollo space mission heard "strange, otherworldly music" on their radios while on the "d...

Crowdfunding Take A Bow: UK Now A Worldbeater For Start-Ups

Nicola Horlick | Posted 21.02.2016 | UK
Nicola Horlick

Of the remaining £881 million of business lending in 2015, the report estimates that loans were made to over 10,000 SMEs in the UK. The top industry sectors lent to were manufacturing, engineering, transport, utilities, finance and retail.

What Happened When Teens Gave Up Technology For A Week

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 19.02.2016 | UK Universities & Education

Technology has become an integral part of the majority of young people's lives. So when 200 teenagers gave up technology for a week, it wasn't going t...

Which of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumours Should We Believe?

Stephen Ebbett | Posted 19.02.2016 | UK Tech
Stephen Ebbett

There are a few whispers on the breeze that seem questionable. A recent leak from a Russian source claimed that the S7 would have 17 hours of video playback at full brightness. Although that kind of battery life isn't impossible, it does seem far too good to be true.

How Rugby Moved to the Forefront of Technology-Focused Sports Analysis

Nick Millman | Posted 19.02.2016 | UK Tech
Nick Millman

With the first two rounds of RBS 6 Nations now complete, the pre-tournament excitement has proved justified, with this year's Championships already fulfilling the promise to be the closest and most thrilling for many years.

Building the Infrastructure for Innovation

Araceli Camargo | Posted 19.02.2016 | UK Tech
Araceli Camargo

All of this innovation will need to be catalysed, honed, and hosted somewhere, i.e. spaces, buildings, cities. The actual infrastructure of innovation is something that rarely is mentioned, we know that innovation needs ideas, visionaries, tools, money etc, however it also has takes a physical embodiment.

This Rapper Was So Excited About Paying Off His Student Loan He Wrote A Song About It

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 19.02.2016 | UK Universities & Education

A rapper from New Orleans in the US was so excited about paying off his student loan he even wrote a song about it. Dee-1 found himself facing a mo...

The Destructive Use of Periscope Concerns Us All

Sofie Sandell | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Tech
Sofie Sandell

These apps bring with them great privacy issues and can put vulnerable people at risk. There is no way we can filter out the bad from the good, and it's really up to every one of us to educate ourselves about the risks of video streaming.

There's A River In The Amazon That Could Boil You Alive

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Tech

A scientist has discovered a river with boiling water, flowing in the Amazon. As a 12-year-old boy, Andrés Ruzo (who is now a geoscientist), grew ...

This Easy Maths Problem Is Driving Facebook Users 'Crazy'

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Tech

A simple brainteaser, which started out as a problem for children, is now baffling adults on Facebook too. The maths problem has been doing th...

Mark Zuckerberg Responded To Kanye West But You Probably Missed It

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Tech

Mark Zuckerberg has responded to Kanye West's ask for money in the most subtle way possible. The father of Facebook appeared to issue an indirect m...

Dad Accidentally Sends Saucy Snapchat To Daughter, Whole World Ends Up Seeing It

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Comedy

A tech-illiterate dad's dick pic is flying around on Twitter after he accidentally sent it to all his Snapchat contacts instead of his wife. The un...

Self-Improvement? Three Emerging Learning Trends for 2016

Paul Drury | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Tech
Paul Drury

We know that the digital age means things move more quickly, we have more "ideas" and we're surrounded by advice. But how do you know it's *good advice*?

China's Search For Aliens Will Uproot More Than 9,000 People

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Tech

China has launched its biggest search for aliens yet, which will uproot more than 9,000 people to build the the world's largest telescope. Work on...

Porn Again, Kids....

Chloe Combi | Posted 17.02.2016 | UK Parents
Chloe Combi

In terms of pornography, the internet is like giving kids the keys to a gigantic sex sweet shop and then asking them not to look or partake. And this becomes even more hypocritical when you consider it was us, via newspapers, magazines, music, mainstream films and TV that gave kids their very first sugar rush.

Men Rule the World, and That's Ridiculous  -  But I Still Need Their Help

Clare Sudbery | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Tech
Clare Sudbery

I'm a senior software engineer. I've been doing this job now for sixteen years. Most of the time when I'm at work, I'm not thinking about the gender of myself or my colleagues. I don't think "Ugh! It's a man!" every time I sit down next to one of them. I also don't think "Ooooh! A man!" I don't even think, "Hmmm, another one of those man-people."