The Undateables

We Are All Dateable. We All Need Love

Shaine Singer | Posted 23.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Shaine Singer

The title can be a bit controversial, but when 'The Undateables' sign knocks off the 'Un' with cupid's arrow it shows we are all dateable. We all need love. Sometimes with a disability it's difficult, it's difficult for everybody.

Since Appearing On The Undateables I Have Gained Genuine Confidence

Jamie Marsden | Posted 16.01.2017 | UK Entertainment
Jamie Marsden

A conversation with someone I find attractive is no longer made up of me stuttering. It is made up of coherent words and feelings. I have not only set sail on my journey into the dating world, but also learned how to swim in the social world.

'Undateables' Tom Has Us Blubbing With Emotional Letter To His Mum

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There wasn’t a dry eye in the HuffPost Entertainment office on Friday afternoon, after hunky ‘Undateables’ star Tom Morgan made an emotional app...

Steve From 'The Undateables' Got Married And It Was Beautiful

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'The Undateables' left viewers in tears of joy this week as one of the show's stars, Steve, tied the knot with his girlfriend, Vicky. Steve was bor...

Bethany From 'The Undateables' On The Pressures Of Finding Mr Right

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A woman with Down's syndrome has opened up on the trials and tribulations of finding love. The 20-year-old, who appears on Channel 4's 'The Undate...

Lucas From 'The Undateables' Opens Up On Living With Facial Dysplasia

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 12.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

A teenager whose facial defect resulted in him being bullied and called "The Elephant Man" at school has gone on his first ever date. Lucas Haywar...

Tammy From 'The Undateables' Has Left Twitter Rather Emotional

The Huffington Post UK | Rachel Moss | Posted 05.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Channel 4 show 'The Undateables' was an emotional affair on Monday night as a brave woman named Tammy met a lovely chap called Gary. Tammy was dia...

Meet The 'Undateables' Star Who Had Twitter Swooning

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‘The Undateables’ returned to our screens last night, but one particular ‘undateable’ stirred up rather a lot of attention after appearing on ...

Benefits Street: Where Poverty Becomes Entertaining

Isabelle Younane | Posted 25.03.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Isabelle Younane

"It's our money," said one clipped voice in the back row, "so we should have the right to scrutinise what they do with it." He may have been a single audience member in Sunday's episode of The Big Questions, but this rattled taxpayer summed up everything that is wrong with Benefits Street - the urban zoo that has slammed Channel 4's ratings into high gear.

Tonight's TV Pick: Jools, Fame Report, The Undateables

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Later Live with Jools Holland – BBC2, 10.30pm Jools’ guest list never disappoints. But the first episode of his 40th series is looking exceptiona...

Comedian Slams Channel 4's 'The Undateables'

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah Dean | Posted 03.04.2012 | UK Entertainment

Comedian Lee Ridley has slammed Channel 4's latest controversial documentary The Undateables, which follows a group of people with different disabilit...

Will the 'Crip' Factor Make the Undateables Unwatchable?

Lee Ridley | Posted 02.06.2012 | UK Entertainment
Lee Ridley

Tuesday (3 April) sees the start of a new series on Channel 4 called The Undateables or as I like to call it Would You Shag A Crip? It follows disabled people as they look for love. There's nothing like a good freak show to improve the ratings. The advertising around this programme has been deliberately controversial. A series of billboards for The Undateables with pictures of six of the participants has the tagline "love is blind, disfigured, autistic." Channel 4 would undoubtedly say that this was to help encourage debate and things but I doubt a teenage disabled person would cope very well with being told they were undateable.