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Marine Le Pen's Most Controversial Election Pledges

The Huffington Post | George Bowden | Posted 24.04.2017 | UK

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen will face centrist independent Emmanuel Macron in the May 7 run-off of the 2017 French presidential election. After sec...

The Latest Climate Change Documentary Tells A Positive Story. Here's Why That's Important.

Lucy Sherriff | Posted 22.04.2017 | UK
Lucy Sherriff

The recurring narrative of Tomorrow is one of hope. And it's an important change in tone; the climate change discussion is overwhelming, and quite frankly, terrifying. And it's all too tempting to bury your head in the sand when it comes to taking action. Hopefully this film will inspire people to take action...

Foreign Aid Is A Vital National Interest Essential In Ensuring A Safer World

Bill Gates | Posted 21.04.2017 | UK
Bill Gates

Given the recent wave of newspaper stories suggesting the UK's aid money isn't being well spent, I feel it is important for someone like me who works on foreign aid every day to make the case for the facts. So, let me be clear...

Turkey's Erdogan Declares Victory In Close Vote, But Opponents Contest Result

The Huffington Post | George Bowden | Posted 16.04.2017 | UK

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is thanking allies and supporters for the passage of a constitutional referendum he backed that greatly expands...

Boris Johnson Wades Into North Korean Missile Row Amid Rising Tensions

The Huffington Post | George Bowden | Posted 16.04.2017 | UK

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has warned North Korea to comply with the United Nations (UN) after its failed missile launch. “They must stop these...

Easter Is About Service And Hope - Let's Show It To Refugees As Well

David Burrowes | Posted 14.04.2017 | UK Politics
David Burrowes

At Easter Christians will be remembering how Jesus Christ showed the ultimate service and hope of eternal life through his death and resurrection. Let us resolve to show some of that service by giving some of our most vulnerable a new life, and a hope for the future.

Time Is Running Out To Stop Famine In South Sudan

Lily Partland | Posted 12.04.2017 | UK
Lily Partland

An hour and a half northeast of South Sudan's capital Juba by light plane, near the border with Ethiopia, the parched red earth below is dotted with bright green trees. Within weeks, the wet season rains will turn this 'runway' or strip of bare earth that we land on, into a muddy quagmire, making access incredibly difficult. Travelling by four wheel drive to one of Save the Children's treatment centres for malnourished young children, we travel down a picturesque avenue of trees, their canopies providing welcome relief from the hot day.

The Fires In Dunkirk Were An Entirely Preventable Catastrophe

Benny Hunter | Posted 12.04.2017 | UK
Benny Hunter

The only home had by some 1,500 men women and children has been reduced to ashes. This is a dire and deeply tragic situation, that was entirely preventable. It is important to remember, these are not criminals to be interned, but individuals experiencing the deepest tragedy of their lives, fleeing war, persecution and violence. They don't need our pity, but they deserve dignity and respect, because without this, their suffering will only be intensified.

Storytelling: The Art Form

Lily Cole | Posted 10.04.2017 | UK
Lily Cole

In the turbulence of our current social and political climate, stories are as important as ever. They offer gateways, mirrors and alternative possibilities, insights to ourselves and others, pathways and tools to reimagine our lives and realities.

Fighting Famine: A Week In South Sudan

Anna Foster | Posted 09.04.2017 | UK
Anna Foster

The signs of home are everywhere. A small boy playing football dressed in a faded Arsenal shirt. The Union flag fluttering on the shop awning fashioned from old tarpaulins. But this isn't the UK. It's South Sudan. And it's a country in crisis.

Did President Trump Do The Right Thing?

Dr Kate Ferguson | Posted 07.04.2017 | UK Politics
Dr Kate Ferguson

History may well remember President Trump's decision last night as a critical juncture in Syria's tragedy. But without a comprehensive strategy to curtail Assad's crimes and bring peace, then stability, and in time justice to Syria one night of limited airstrikes will hang in history as an empty gesture that failed to save lives and hampered global efforts to build legitimate and lasting multilateral mechanisms for civilian protection and atrocity prevention.

Africans Waiting For Handouts? That Couldn't Be Farther From The Truth

Suzy Madigan | Posted 31.03.2017 | UK
Suzy Madigan

In a settlement outside Burao, Somaliland's second largest town, a savings association set up by CARE International and run entirely by local women was providing them not only with status and a voice in the community but also emergency support. Zeinab, one of CARE's female project officers, explained how women pay regularly on behalf of their families into the shared scheme. In normal times, the association can provide loans for entrepreneurial ventures such as small shops. During times of crisis such as severe drought, the collected funds offer a form of insurance for the most vulnerable.

The Livestock Somalis Rely On To Survive Are Dying - They Worry Their Children Are Next

Shaista Aziz | Posted 27.03.2017 | UK
Shaista Aziz

Across East Africa more than 18million people are facing catastrophic drought and food shortages. Already in Somalia people have died because of hunger and as the drought deepens people are becoming weaker and exhausting all their coping mechanisms to keep themselves and their families alive.

The British Public's Staggering Response To The Hunger Crisis In East Africa

Saleh Saeed | Posted 24.03.2017 | UK
Saleh Saeed

It's just one week on from the launch of DEC's East Africa Crisis Appeal and we have been completely overwhelmed by the incredible response from the British public. We've also had generous donations from the UK government, trusts and companies and many high profile figures, including the Queen and Prince Charles. To date, a staggering £32 million has been raised for East Africa... Sadly, though the scale of this response also reflects the severity of the situation; hunger is looming on a massive scale across East Africa.

Six Years Of War: Syrian Refugee Children In Lebanon

Martin Bell | Posted 20.03.2017 | UK
Martin Bell

What is extraordinary is the resilience and the spirit of these children. Less than half of them are in school, but they play their games and dream their dreams. Hamid, at fifteen, dreams of course of returning home - and of football. From a tent in the mud of the Bekaa Valley, he's a fan of Barcelona.

The Secret To Happiness

Stefan Simanowitz | Posted 20.03.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Stefan Simanowitz

In reality there is no recipe for happiness. It is not something you can easily quantify or measure. But as the saying goes: "You may as well be happy while you're living, because you're a long time dead."

As The World's Attention Turns To The Plight Of Refugees And Children, We Urge Everyone To Be Part Of The Solution

Monday | Posted 16.03.2017 | UK

We were both born during long and protracted wars - in Uganda, the Lord's Resistance Army fought for almost 30 years to overthrow the Government, whilst Sudan has experienced civil war over the independence of its southern regions for over 60 years.  Our childhoods were shaped by violence and conflict.

Six Years Of Syria's War Is Six Years Too Long - Let's End This

Gareth Bayley | Posted 15.03.2017 | UK
Gareth Bayley

No, Syria is not 'fine', and its people are not 'in a good place'. Yet Syrians' resilience and desire to resolve this conflict endure. Let this be the year a serious effort is made to end this conflict, and I fervently look forward to not having to mark another grim 'anniversary' in a year's time.

Women Are Being Treated Like Criminals In Northern Ireland - This Has To Stop

Grainne Teggart | Posted 08.03.2017 | UK Politics
Grainne Teggart

Something is happening right across the island of Ireland. People are speaking out and mobilising like never before to show there can be no hiding from this issue. The silence and shame which has surrounded abortion for too long is over. On this day of reflection, advocacy and action, let's resolve to play our part in standing with women in both parts of Ireland and join their calls for an end to these outdated abortion laws.

Women Leading Acts Of Resistance Around The World This International Women's Day

Cecile Richards | Posted 08.03.2017 | UK
Cecile Richards

We're living through a major flash point in the ongoing effort to secure women's health and rights around the world. So this International Women's Day, let's take a moment to celebrate women and look at where things really stand for women's health and rights.

German Police Storm Refugee Centre After Reports Of Armed Man

The Huffington Post | George Bowden | Posted 28.02.2017 | UK

German police launched a major operation after an armed man brandished a knife in a refugee centre. Authorities in Hamburg were scrambled to the incid...

This Is A Worsening Humanitarian Crisis That Shows No Signs Of Slowing

Mike Adamson | Posted 27.02.2017 | UK
Mike Adamson

Severe hunger that threatens lives is spreading across parts of Africa. Chronically and silently, a food crisis has been growing which the UN says now means that 20million people are facing deadly hunger. It hasn't happened in a day, it won't be solved in one, but it desperately needs the world's focus to save those lives.

Everywhere You Look Doors Are Being Shut To Refugees - Britain Can Do Better

Catherine West | Posted 23.02.2017 | UK Politics
Catherine West

This is what it has come to: young asylum seekers and refugees are now having to beg the government not to turn their backs on desperate children children. "We are the lucky ones - the ones that got here safely. And each of us has a voice. We use our voice now to say this: please don't put the lives of young refugees like us at risk," they plead to the Prime Minister.

Away From The Politics, Here's The Potentially Deadly Reality Of Halting The Dubs Amendment

The Huffington Post | George Bowden | Posted 11.02.2017 | UK

Campaigners working in Calais have said the Government’s sudden decision to stop taking in lone child refugees is “shameful” and “cruel”, as...

What On Earth Is Going On In The West Bank - And How Are We Letting It Happen?

Sarah Champion | Posted 10.02.2017 | UK Politics
Sarah Champion

Our time at the compound was running out so we spent the last half an hour in the processing room where prisoners are first taken to be charged.  This was a very different atmosphere, partly because it was a much smaller room, but it also seemed to be more menacing. The judge immediately looked uncomfortable when we walked in...