18/05/2009 10:11 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Taga: The Buggy That Turns Into A Bike

If you're a mum who's been finding it difficult to lose that baby weight, there are no more excuses.

A Dutch company has invented a buggy that turns into a bike so that you can keep fit with your baby on board.

It's been described by the makers as the "ultimate yummy mummy accessory". *Cringe*. Clearly the Baby Bjorn carrier is *so* last Tuesday. I suddenly feel hopelessly unfashionable.

The UK partners, Peppermint, say: "Taga lets parents and kids move about the city easily, transforming a typical daily journey into an exciting adventure."

Considering it's almost as expensive as my car – costing from around £1,695 – I would expect the adventure of a lifetime.

Mind you, it is being marketed as the "green" alternative to a car: the makers say it is "completely carbon emission free" and a "smart city substitute for a car".

"Lets parents reach great distances throughout the city while caring for the environment," the Taga website explains. "Saves on gasoline, parking and congestion fees."

They paint a glorious picture. You leave home with your "lovely child" and your Taga and cycle to the train station.

Then you convert the Taga to a pushchair – which takes just 20 seconds, apparently – and jump on the train.

When you reach the city, you change it back to a bike again and ride to your destination. Turn it into a pushchair to go shopping and back again to ride home.

"For Taga, no location is impossible, no change a hassle," they say. "Whether indoors or out, on the bus, train or elevator, Taga is effortlessly transformed to suit any location to offer seamless mobility."

Apparently you can even change it from one mode to another while the child is sleeping, although as my daughter wakes up if you drop a pin in the same county, I don't think that would work for her.

Has anyone actually tried one of these? I'd love to know if it's as easy as it sounds...