05/06/2009 06:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Battling Bathtime Bother

Whilst it's a necessary part of the fun of life for your child to get dirty, from time to time you are going to want to get them clean again.

But many children see wash time as a chore, and some can even develop a fear of getting in the bath.

Sometimes it's not so much that they don't want a bath, but more that they don't want to stop whatever game they were playing before. Or maybe they don't want to heed the signal that bedtime is approaching.

Here's how to get your grubsters embracing cleanliness again:

  • Cut back on the baths
    You can get by for quite some time on just a scrub down with a flannel. If your child has a genuine fear of the bath, start by getting them to stand up in the tub, then add a few inches of water, getting them to tell you when to stop. This will help them feel more in control of the process.
  • Make sure they've been to the loo before they get in the bath
    Apologies if this is TMI, but being presented with a floater is no fun for parent or child. Many children do poop in the bath, and can get distressed as a result. Either that or they find it hilarious and want to do it again and again. Do your best to avoid this problem before it occurs.
  • Get creative with the toys
    It doesn't have to be labelled a bath toy to be played with in the water - anything plastic that you can dry down later will do. Ever tried bathtime Lego building? It's fun.
  • Get colourful
    Tinti is a great new range of bath products made with natural ingredients. Who wants a boring old clear bath, when you could have a blue or a red one instead? They also do soap you can paint with and crackling bath pops. Remember that popping candy we used to have as kids? It's like that, but you put it in the bath. Great fun.
  • Opt for a shower instead
    I think we do often associate showers with adults and baths with children. But there's no reason why you can't try your child in the shower. They might feel really grown up and love it.

What are your best tips to tempt reluctant washers?