14/07/2009 18:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids The Time

One of the most important skills your child will learn during their early years, alongside tying their shoelaces and brushing their teeth, is how to tell the time. This can sometimes be a frustrating exercise and children can lose interest or patience fairly quickly.

A good way to approach it is as if it's a game.

Several websites offer resources that can help with this.The website Primary Games has an interactive quiz to help understand how to read both an analogue clock and a digital display. Teaching Time has several print outs that you can use as a worksheet with your child, great for teaching on the move.

Day trips are also a great opportunity to help teach your child. Play car games, such as telling your child how long the journey will be, and then ask them what time that would mean they'd arrive. Also keep an eye out for clocks during the day, to give your child an opportunity to tell the time from different clocks.

Another great idea is to treat your child to a kids watch. Swatch have created a range of fun watches called Flik Flak, named after the characters on each hand, Flik and Flak.

They have a wide range of watches including the Pink Bau Bau (right) at £24.95 and perfect for girls, and the Crunchy Dino (left) that's ideal for little boys at £21.95.

These watches will mean your child can learn to tell the time with you, and then practise on their own. The watch faces are clear to read, and each watch comes with a large cardboard wall clock, great to help teach your child during the early stages of learning.

For more details on the watches, check out