25/07/2009 12:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Return Of Woolworths And Ladybird Clothes

The current economy has left most town's high streets resembling a retail graveyard, with empty venues leaving sad reminders of some well known stores which have suffered recently. One of the first casualties of the recession, and one of my favourite stores, was Woolworths. Gone were the pick 'n' mix selections, bargain Christmas gifts and lovely kids clothing.

Until now...Whilst some of the large empty stores have been occupied by Poundlands and 'Wellworths', Woolworths have reinvented themselves as an online store , 6 months after going into administration.

Stocking all the popular favourites, the website has been created by Shop Direct Home Shopping who bought out the Woolworths name. Twitter has been abuzz with customers raving about receiving their pick 'n' mix selections through the post, buying kids toys under a tenner, and great deals on game consoles.

Checkered Trainers, £8 Iconic clothing brand Ladybird has also made a comeback, and have a massive range of products including a variety of multipacks like this pack of 2 Ladybird tops for girls (above). The pack is only £8, and can be bought here

The resurrection of Woolworths has also meant that in a couple of months, when the summer holidays are complete, the big rush to get the kids ready for school will be far less painful. Simply log onto the website and order their stationery, rucksacks and school uniforms. With packs of 5 shirts at £10 and 2 school jumpers for £10, you'll be saving money as well as time.

So what will you be buying from the new Woolworths website?

Ladybird Hawaiian print shirt, £8

Ladybird pack of 3 unisex sleepsuits, £12