05/08/2009 11:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Etsy: 10 Cute Finds For Children

Fans of online marketplace Etsy will already be aware of their treasure chest of vintage clothing, handmade jewellery and home furnishings. What you may not be aware of is Etsy is also home to a wide variety of children's toys, puzzles and clothing.

Here are some of my favourite picks:

When I was little, I loved the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, where the greedy little guy munched his way through the remains of the fruit bowl and half a picnic before becoming a beautiful butterfly. The artists at Fun Felt Stories clearly shared this appreciation of a classic children's book, and have created this 30 piece felt set which would be a great way to re-enact the story with your little one.

This fold up crayon purse is perfect for easily transporting and storing any crayons or felt tips for journeys and to keep them safe. The set comes with crayons and a drawing pad, and is from EmmaGirlDesigns, who also has lots of children's clothing.

This next product you'll either love or hate. I'm firmly in the tacky-but-I-love-it camp. These sushi boots are from the shop of the same name, and come in a wide variety of sizes and colours.

This little door from Monkeytail & Wellington is not just a ridiculously cute decoration, it's also an enchanted fairy door! The creators suggested popping it on the wall of your child's room, and occasionally scattering 'fairy dust' (which comes with the door along with a miniature key) outside the entrance or popping a little bag with a pound in it overnight when they leave their baby tooth.

Following on with the magical theme is this mushroom table set from thefairyring. Small enough for dolls or fairy tea parties, it comes with two little wooden stools, and the whole set is hand painted.

The Fairy ring have also offered the Parentdish readers an exclusive deal for free shipping to the UK when you buy three items. Simply message them before you buy and they will create a special listing. This applies to their Fairy Ring store, and the Enchanted Cupboard store.

This panda from madly2005 is not just a cuddly companion, it's also a pillow and a blanket! The blanket is held inside the body of the Panda, and can be used as a cushion for long car journeys. You also have the option of adding a personalised element to the blanket.

Does your little one have aspirations for superhero status? How about this cape from BayouPrincess? You can even get the initial customised for your child's name.

However, if your child is more Superchef that Superhero, why not get them this cupcake apron from ivonne3576. Perfect for cooking and icing cupcakes or helping teach children the basics of baking. The shop also has various other apron styles and accessories.

These wall stickers from byrdiekids are great for updating your kid's bedroom when they approach their teenage years and start using the phrase "it's not fair!" on a regular basis. The funky colours look great and are easily applied to most walls. This Etsy store also stocks lots of stickers for younger children in animal and bird shape

Need somewhere to put all the toys when people come round? Have a look at this spacious toy chest from mickandmack. This Etsy store also has several other styles of toy chests for boys and girls, and ultra soft fleece burp cloths.