02/10/2009 05:28 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Toy Story Goes 3D For Games And Films

Brace yourselves, Buzz and Woody fans, you won't be able to move for Toy Story stuff over the next few months. The original film has just been re-released in big screen, digital 3D format on the 2nd October. Later in the year comes a similar re-release of the second film. Then next year comes the new release I can't wait to see - Toy Story 3.

So to keep us busy until then, a new video game, Toy Story Mania!, has been released for Nintendo Wii. The game is set in a carnival, with all your favourite Toy Story characters popping up in funfair-inspired games - over 50 mini games in all.

Personally, I'm not a big video games fan and am hard to please on that score. But I must concede that the Wii is a great way for families to play games together. And Toy Story Mania! is different from your average Wii game, in that it has several games you can play in 3D.

So let's all bung on the stupid cardboard glasses and roll up for the Toy Story carnival.

With ten different shooting galleries and a huge variety of mini games, players can choose to compete alone or against each other to earn tickets and unlock even more games and bonus levels. Up to four people can play at once, and even an old games refusenik like me was drawn into the sideshow fun.

One thing to bear in mind though - whilst this game is rated as being suitable for age 3+ (because the content is all totally family friendly), I think that a really young child would struggle to play this. Most of the games involve some level of manual dexterity (playing hoopla with aliens or throwing pies at Buzz and Woody) so a child of age 5+ would probably get more out of it. But it's all very visually entertaining so younger children may simply enjoy watching the show.

Toy Story Mania! for Nintendo Wii was released on 18th September 2009 and is widely available in shops now.