12/10/2009 10:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Four-Year-Old Becomes YouTube Star Performing Kurt Russell Speech

Four-year-old Josh Sacco has become an internet star after his dad posted a video of his remarkable acting talents.

He can be seen on YouTube performing a speech from the film "Miracle", originally delivered by Kurt Russell.

It's all very cute but now the father Jim has come in for some stick.

Apparently he and his son have watched the film together - about 150 times. That's why the kid can do it off by heart!

It does seem a bit excessive. I'm not sure a child should watch any film 150 times.

It is a sweet performance, though. See the video here for yourself. It's had over a million views already.

There have been some pretty harsh comments on YouTube. People asking "Whatever happened to studying science? -or literature? -or just watching cartoons (not 150 times in a row, I mean)?"

Another wrote: "The kid will probably grow into a fine, upstanding citizen. Who works at Burger King."

However there is some support. Mike D wrote: "Seriously, guys. Ease up. I'd be proud to call this kid my son. This video just made my day."

Apparently the father didn't intend for the clip to become a hit. He says he posted it on YouTube to share with family members so he didn't have to burn loads of DVDs.

Still, it acts as a warning - if you put stuff on the internet, it can be seen and commented on by anybody.

What do you think? Should a child be encouraged to watch a film 150 times? Should their cute performances then be broadcast to the world on the internet?