10/11/2009 08:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Top Five 80's Toys To Recycle This Christmas

The Eighties have reigned supreme in recent popular culture, inspiring a wide array of fashion designers and beauty experts; the music and film industries also taking note of the craze. With this in mind, it seems only appropriate to go to some of the decade's quintessential children's toys when racking your brains for original Christmas presents for the little ones (or the grown-ups) this year. Here's my pick of the top five.

1. Care Bears
These soft toys with magic powers symbolised on their tummies are one of the all-time iconic Eighties toys. The colourful bears became a force of nature in their own right, as videos, home-ware, books and clothing were all emblazoned with their adorable faces.

With numerous different models, each named after their power, they were, and still are, highly collectable and just as charming now as when they originally launched over two decades ago. A friend for life, they are available to buy on

2. Rubik's Cube
Incredibly addictive and at times hopelessly frustrating, the Rubik's Cube is still one of the world's most infamous brain teasers. Twist, click and spin the cube in an attempt to make each side uniform in colour. Not only will it keep children quietly entertained for hours, it also serves as a great brain exercise. Although the original design remains the most iconic, check out other fun designs at It will make for a perfectly retro stocking filler. And don't forget the Rubik's Magic, which appeared later in the '80s to occupy the nation's youth.

3. Mr Potato Head
Although those who were born after 1985 may think that Mr Potato Head was an invention of Disney Pixar's Toy Story, he's actually far older than he looks. An original Eighties hit, you can take him apart and put him back together, as well as changing his face around, adding glasses, and different pieces to play around with his expression. Simple yet brilliant, he's the the most famous of all the vegetables. £5.95 at

4. Slinky
Who'd have known that a mere spiral of metal could provide such endless fascination? Some might say we're easily pleased, but the genius of the Slinky never seems to waver. An ideal present for children of all ages, the Boxing Day mission will surely be to find the longest set of stairs imaginable and place it precariously at the edge. Buy an original at Amazon for about £4.

5. Guess Who?
Possibly one of the simplest board games ever invented, we still can't help but appreciate the retro appeal of Guess Who. With so many new board games coming with a list of instructions and rules as long as your arm, you can be sure that this will be a game everyone will understand and enjoy. It sparks an unexpectedly high level of competitiveness for such a simple game, but that, surely is it's charm. [By Amiee Jones]

Are there any 80's toys you'd like to see again? My Little Pony perhaps? Poochie?