11/11/2009 15:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Great Gifts For A Baby Shower

A Baby Shower, originally popular in the USA, is now becoming increasingly common in the UK for celebrating the upcoming birth. The shower gives friends and family a great opportunity to contribute something towards the baby, be it baby socks, feeding bottles or even a relaxing spa day for the new mum.

Personally I'm a big fan of baby cakes for these events. They're a great way of giving the happy parents all the basics in one stylish package. Plus, they're usually individual and fully customisable, so you can really give it a personal touch. Most importantly, they're cake shaped. What could be better?

Here are a few of my favourite baby cakes:

These fairy baby cakes (above) are from The Flowerstork, and are created with either a pair of baby socks or a bib. They'd be perfect if you're throwing a baby shower for the expectant mother, especially if you buy a few and create a fairy cake tower as a centerpiece. They're budget friendly too at £5.95 each.

The Baby Cake Company have a large range of baby cakes, varying in colours and tier sizes. This Cheetah baby cake, £41.99, is packed full of goodies, including the cuddly toy, fleece blanket, sleepsuit, baby keepsake box and nappies.

There are plenty of baby cake options for parents who want a more eco-minded approach for their children. This eco-baby cake from SweetbabyCakes offers cotton nappies rather than disposable, and is priced at £65.99

This Yummy Mummy cake from the Nappy Cake Shop is specifically designed for the labour process, and includes a stress ball and energiser essential oil, along with a pair of baby socks for the newborn. Also, the Yummy Mummy plaque on the front of the cake is a giant slab of chocolate. Yum! The cake is priced at £32.99.

The Nappy Cake Shop also have this Yummy Mummy and Greatest Daddy baby cake for £59.99, for the parents to be. It includes the chocolate slabs, the cuddly toy, baby socks and a Baby's last feed card.

Finally, Harrods offer a baby box for £120, if you really want to splash out. The box includes a baby blanket, Harrods teddy, champagne truffles and iced biscuits.

What presents do you like to buy for a baby shower?