02/12/2009 04:31 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Prime Minister's Kids Hijack Their Mum's Twitter Page

The Prime Minister's wife has discovered the hazards of small children and laptops.

Sarah Brown "tweeted" a random set of letters yesterday, confusing her 987,460 followers.

There was speculation her account had been hacked, or that a cat had sat on the keyboard.

But apparently one of her young sons had got at her laptop - Mrs Brown later explained she had been the victim of "junior tweet interference".

The short message "fvdfzsrsazxzzxcvbnmadgfhjjkqwrtyuuuiop" does sound like the sort of thing a small child would say.

Mrs Brown posted another message soon afterwards saying: "In future I will turn my computer off when I am not using it - to save energy and avoid junior tweet interference."

Downing Street confirmed it was not hackers but one of the Brown's two sons, John and Fraser, aged six and three, although the spokesman declined to tell the BBC which one.

I can sympathise with Mrs Brown on this - my daughter has recently managed to press a combination of buttons on my laptop, stretching the screen. I wish she could tell me which buttons they were, as I can't figure out how to change it back.

She's also tried several times to send emails and often attempts to turn the computer off while I'm in the middle of something.

It's one of the hazards of modern-day parenting - trying to keep your children away from your electronic devices.

When her children get bigger Mrs Brown is going to have to protect her Twitter account even more carefully.

Imagine the kind of mischief an older child could get up to. "Fvdfzsrsazxzzxcvbnmadgfhjjkqwrtyuuuiop" could be the least of her problems...

Has your computer or phone ever been hijacked by your children?

Source: BBC