08/02/2010 04:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Celeb Exclusive: Sinitta Talks To ParentDish About Life As A Mum

TV star Sinitta has seen her life change unrecognisably in the last few years. On the professional front she's been helping Simon Cowell mentor contestants on The X Factor. And in her personal life she adopted a young brother and sister, Zac and Magdalena. Sadly Sinitta's marriage broke down in 2009, and the singer is starting 2010 as a single parent. Recently she was the first celebrity to be voted off Dancing On Ice, but Sinitta's still embracing the new year in an optimistic frame of mind.

Currently, Sinitta is supporting the Disney Princess Dance initiative. The British Dance Council is hosting special children's sessions around the UK to teach the Disney Princess Dance to children under six - ask your local dance school if they're taking part.

Sinitta commented: "The Disney Princess characters really bring to together what young girls love – imagination, dress up and, of course, fairy tales. I speak from first-hand experience as my daughter is a huge Disney Princess fan! As I've done plenty of dancing over the years myself I'm pleased to be supporting this campaign and encouraging children across the country to get dancing."

Talking exclusively to ParentDish, Sinitta tells us here about her life as a mum and what her kids really think of Simon Cowell...

Sinitta, you've released your Greatest Hits collection, and many of your performances are on YouTube – what do your kids think of your music? Have you shown them your videos?

Yes I have, even though my kids are quite young, they really love the music. The songs they particularity like are 'Cross My Broken Heart' and 'Toy Boy', Zak is so funny, he thinks it's all about him.

A recent magazin e story said that Simon Cowell reads stories to your kids – what do they think of him?

They think 'Silly Simon' is a cross between Horrid Henry and Father Christmas, but they get on really well with him and Simon is very generous to them.

In what ways do you think becoming a mum has changed you as a person? What's been the best and worst bits?

It has almost entirely changed me as a person, I don't just have to think about myself now, I have three of us to consider! I would probably say the worst bit is the worry and the best bits are the the kisses and cuddles.

Many mums find juggling work and family life pretty challenging – do you? Do you still manage to find time for yourself?

I definitely do! I am always finding it challenging having to fit in work, family, friends, as I'm sure most mums do. However I do really try to find time for myself and amazingly yes, I do get it.

You are supporting the Disney Princess Dance campaign – what's it all about?

The Disney Princess Dance campaign is great initiative aimed at encouraging children aged six and under to get involved and give dancing a go. The dance is inspired by the beautiful Disney Princess characters and has been created with the support of the British Dance Council.

Why do you think princesses are so popular with little girls?

Every little girl growing up wants to be a Princess, the characters are elegant and pretty and their stories are so beautiful and romantic.

Disney's new film The Princess and The Frog features its first ever African American Princess – what do you think about this?

I think it's almost as important as having the first African American president!!

What did your children think of X Factor? Did they have any favourites among the contestants?

They absolutely loved John and Edward and they even call themselves John and Edward!!

As we've just started 2010, do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

To be on time.

As this is your first new year as a single parent, what are your hopes for you and your family in 2010?

All I want for 2010 is to be a happy, healthy contented family.

Sinitta is supporting the Disney Princess Dance campaign, in association with the British Dance Council, to create fun, easy-to-learn new dance steps. You can email here to find out if the princess dance is happening in your area.