15/02/2010 21:23 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Campaign Launched To Save The Lullaby From Extinction

Parents are more likely to sing pop songs or TV theme tunes than lullabies to their children, it has been revealed.

A campaign has now been launched to try to save the traditional lullaby from dying out.

Almost nine in ten British parents said they sing and play pop songs or TV theme tunes to their kids while a third sing or play soundtracks from children's films.

One in ten parents said they played or sang rock music to their children. I don't see anything wrong with that. Stroppy toddlers can really empathise with Rage Against the Machine.

But only one in ten said they knew the words to traditional lullabies, even though almost half thought they were good for teaching children words and music.

So the fear is that these lullabies will die out if they are not passed down from generation to generation.

Grammy Award-nominated singer Sophie Barker, from Zero 7, has recorded a collection of favourite bedtime lullabies and has set up a Facebook group to "Save the Lullaby". And presumably to try to sell some CDs.

She says: "The album, 'Lullaby', makes a stand for our forgotten bedtime tunes.

"It reminds parents of the magic and soothing quality of our traditional lullabies – we've even included a sing-a-long lyric book for those who are more likely to know the Friends theme tune than Frere Jacques."

To be honest I wouldn't mind too much if some nursery rhymes bit the dust. Some of them are rubbish and it's a mystery as to why they've lasted so long.

But we all have our favourites and it would be a shame to see them all disappear to be replaced by the 3rd and Bird theme tune and Lady Gaga.

What's your favourite lullaby? Or do you prefer singing pop songs to your kids?

Click here to visit the Facebook group and join the campaign.