03/04/2010 13:11 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

ParentView: Growing Vegetables Is Fun Magbook

Growing your own veggies is fast becoming a popular past-time and what better way to have some family fun than to get the children interested too.

The number one way to do this is to get outside and get grubby with your little ones. Another way is to buy them Growing Vegetables Is Fun which is cross between a magazine and a book.

My nine-year-old loves coming up the allotment with me, so I gave it to her to have a look at too. So, what did she think of it?She thought it was very interesting and went as far as actually reading the articles (not all but some). There are lots so it's probably best for aged seven and up, depending how confident a reader your child is.

One of the lovely things about this revised third edition was the four packets of seeds taped to the front. If you take into account that the magbook costs £5.99 this works out at very good value.

But I wish they'd picked seeds that were more appealing to kids. Yes, there are carrots but what about including purple or rainbow carrots instead of the usual orange ones? Things like baby bear pumpkins and candy stripe beetroot would be great but I guess cost is a factor here.

There is loads of helpful advice that even first-time adult gardeners would probably find useful with vegetables you are most likely to grow getting double page spreads.

Information on sowing seeds, weeding, pests and problems and handy tips on how to reuse plastic water bottles, making a light box and making paper pots all ensure children get the green message without any preaching.

I loved the blank squared paper in the middle, called "My Pages" with room for photos and for children to keep a gardening diary and that there was a section on attracting wildlife into your garden.

As an adult I wasn't particularly inspired by the magbook, it all felt quite worthy. Why, for instance, weren't the paper pots made out of comics? That would have been more appealing.

But it's not aimed at me. My daughter enjoyed it and, after all, that's who it is aimed at.

Growing Vegetables Is Fun 3 can be bought from WH Smith or Tesco.

ParentView score: 4/5