18/05/2010 22:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tip Of The Day: It's Walk To School Week

How often do you and your children walk to school? I do it every day, but this is hardly a big achievement to boast about since my children's school is only about 10 minutes away from home.

And yet, every so I often don't feel like doing it. Sometimes it's too cold or rainy. Sometimes we're in too much of a rush and the car might be quicker. Sometimes I have to go somewhere after the school run, so it's easier to drive in the first place.

And when we walk it's not always fun and games. I have two children and two hands, yet they still manage to argue over wanting to hold the same hand. Apparently one of mummy's hands is 'better' than the other. I can fully understand that if I lived a little further away it would be so much easier to bung everything in the car instead.

But still, I wouldn't be without that time. It's when I really get to hear about my children's day. And even if the rest of the day is spent sitting down, at least that little walk has started the day on a healthy note.

This week has been designated Walk to School Week, and it's aimed at getting people to who wouldn't normally do so to make their daily journey on foot. Even if you don't usually walk to school, this is a lovely time of year to start: the sun is shining (a bit), spring flowers are out and you can enjoy a healthy start to the day.

Many councils and schools are supporting this campaign, so even if you don't feel like walking, you may find that your children are nagging you to do so. You don't even need to walk all the way – skipping, cycling or scootering will do just as well.

So even if you never do it the rest of the year, aim to walk to school at least once this week. You never know - you might like it and make it a regular event.

Will you be walking to school this week?