01/06/2010 05:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Girl Who Became A Mum Aged 12 Wants Another Baby

A girl who had her first baby when she was 12 years old has told the Sun newspaper she is trying to get pregnant again.

Tressa Middleton was Scotland's youngest mum when she gave birth to her baby daughter.

Now she's 16 and has told the Sun she is desperate for another baby after giving up her first child for adoption.

The tabloid reports that Tressa has a history of self-harming, drinking and drug abuse but has now found a new partner, Darren Young, aged 24, and says she is turning her life around.

Tressa told the Sun: "I think my life is on track enough now that I can be a good mum. And I know Darren will be a brilliant dad.

"I would like a wee boy this time. I like the name Leo, and Darren likes McKenzie and McCaulay for a boy and Sophia or Brianna for a girl.

"I do worry about losing another baby but the social work can't do anything if I'm not doing anything wrong.

"I don't smoke hash and I don't drink much now. If I'm out with my pals then I might have an alcopop, but I don't drink Buckfast any more.

"If I fall pregnant I will definitely give up the drink completely."

The Sun says Tressa wants her daughter, who is now three, to be proud of her, even though she is not allowed to see her.

The teenager wants to join the Army but says she will put this on hold if she had another child.

She told the Sun: "I would delay it for a couple of years. After that Darren could look after the wee one and we could get a house on the base."

Her partner Darren says he wants to marry Tressa - if he can find a job.

He told the Sun: "We've talked about it. It depends if we get jobs. I'd marry her now if I had the money."

Unsurprisingly, there have been some negative comments about the teenager on the Sun website, with one reader writing: "Take away the benefits and then see if she still wants to get pregnant."

However another wrote: "It seems she has got herself on the right track and as long as she gets the right support she will need when the baby arrives who cares what you lot think."

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Source: The Sun