Four Of The Best Cookbooks For Kids

Growing up in a household of (very) amateur cooks, we grew used to sifting through the hundreds of cookbooks lining the groaning shelves of our kitchen for that ideal recipe. At the time, Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook was our bible of basics and impressive three-course meals for most levels.

Fast forward ten years and the humble crafts of cooking and baking have become the new rock 'n' roll. Nigella, Come Dine With Me and MasterChef have all contributed to creating a nation of food-lovers, and that extends to our children too.

So to help them get involved in cooking, we've looked at some of the best cookbooks for kids around, kicking off with the Children's Cookbook, (Amazon, £8.38). As you'd expect from a Dorling Kindersley book, it's geared towards educating in a fun way. Clear images, simple recipes and safe processes make this a great core cookbook.We spoke to Annabel Karmel, Children's food expert, earlier this month about snacking, and her Children's First Cookbook (Amazon, £4.93) of simple and tasty recipes is a great way of continuing their culinary learnings.

For fans of old-fashioned recipes, the Look and Cook cookbook (Play, £10.49) is well worth a look. The recipes have clear and concise instructions, and the book itself is filled with vintage illustrations.

Finally, I'm a big fan of the Ready Steady Cook books for kids (Amazon, £6.49), which has everything from lunchbox goodies to non-alcoholic cocktails. Most of the recipes can be done without an adult around.

What are your favourite cookbooks for children?