Andy Hayman: Clouseau Or Columbo?

Andy Hayman: Clouseau Or Columbo?

Should Andy Hayman be given his own TV show?

After his performance at the Home Affairs Select Committee today, the masses say yes. Chairman Keith Vaz, however, says he is more "Clouseau than Columbo".

The former Met Police Assistant Comissioner began his evidence session by confessing to MPs he fulfilled a "boyhood dream" with his column in The Times - an admission which left some reeling. By the end, he was accused by Nicola Blackwood of speaking "like a tabloid journalist rather than senior police officer"... And told that the public will view him as a "dodgy geezer" by MP Lorraine Fullbrook.

But what did twitter think? Not Clouseau, Columbo, dodgy or tabloid, but in fact, Gene Hunt (or 'Hayman Investigoots'). Fire up the Quatro.


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