James McAvoy Cast As Sex Addict In 'Filth'

James McAvoy Cast As Sex Addict In 'Filth'

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- James McAvoy will be starring in Filth, it has been confirmed.

The Scottish X-Men: First Class star, who will play sex-obsessed, misanthropic police officer Bruce Robertson, is said to be joined by Jamie Bell and Alan Cumming as his partner-of-sorts Ray Lennox and his boss Bob Toal in the big-screen adaptation of Irvine Welsh's 1998 bestselling novel.

The Scottish author told the Playlist: "James is going to be main character, Jamie is going to be Lennox - his kind of sidekick - and Alan is going to be Toal. That's going to be the main cast."

James had previously hinted at a thrilling project on the horizon earlier this year, telling the Daily Record: "I'm looking at a part soon, like the second half of this year, that is quite extreme I mean, quite full on mental."

Irvine, who will produce the film, also revealed that filming is expected to begin with director Jon S Baird in January 2012.

"Jon did a revised screenplay which was absolutely brilliant," the author continued.

"I think Jon's definitely done something really sort of magic. He's captured and he's kept the essence of the main protagonist but he's done a lot of interesting things with it as well. It's a great script and it's going to make a great film with that cast attached."


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