James McAvoy

The Masks For NHS Heroes campaign will provide frontline workers with PPE amid the coronavirus pandemic
The BBC has released a new adaptation of “His Dark Materials”, the classic Philip Pullman trilogy. Featuring special effects and all-star cast, the series is the BBC’s most expensive creation to date. From other adaptations to the inspiration behind the original trilogy of novels, here are five things you may not know about the series.
While some complained the adaptation of Philip Pullman's novel was hard to follow, many were full of praise for the big-budget BBC series.
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ruth Wilson and James McAvoy lead an all-star cast in the new fantasy drama the critics are already loving.
M. Night Shyamalan premiered his latest film, ‘Glass’ in London on Wednesday. Starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy, the comic book thriller weaves storylines from Shyamalan's 2000’s ‘Unbreakable’ and 2016's ‘Split’.
Kelly's family are trying to raise more than £1 million for pioneering treatment.
The couple met on the Channel 4 show 'Shameless'.