UK Riots: Loot-alikes Tumblr Brings A Bit Of Humour

Was Mariah Carey At The UK Riots? (PHOTOS)

As Britain's atmosphere descends into a tenatative calm following days of arson, looting and disorder, some humour.

Those lovely people at have set up a blog to showcase mugshots of rioters who bear an uncanny resemblance to celebrities. Everyone from Barack Obama to Mariah Carey seems to have a doppelganger caught up in the disorder.

They told Huff Post UK: "We don't in any way condone the looting and violence over the past few days, we live in London and have experienced the devastation first hand.

"The amount of looter galleries appearing on the internet in the aftermath of the riots spurred on the idea for the blog: a non-conventional and humorous way of helping to spread the word."

See a selection of the images below:


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