Nick Clegg

Parent company Meta said it plans to consult its oversight board on whether deleting coronavirus misinformation is still "appropriate".
"It’s such visionary stuff,” the UK’s former deputy prime minster tells his boss, Mark Zuckerberg.
Haugen, who worked on Facebook's civic misinformation team, secretly copied thousands of internal documents before leaving the company in May.
Former cabinet minister defeats Layla Moran to become fifth Lib Dem leader in as many years.
Gavin Williamson's A-levels flip-flop is the latest in a line of government climbdowns. Former cabinet members who've been there offer some advice.
The 2% GAFA – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – levy is due to be imposed in April, but ex-deputy PM says firms must be taxed "more rationally".
Police raided the MP’s office and removed documents and computers for investigation last Friday.
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When the penalty for error is as high as it could be here, caution must be our watchword
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