30/08/2011 07:28 BST | Updated 30/10/2011 05:12 GMT

Ed Miliband: Labour Will Force A House Of Commons Vote On Police Cuts

Labour are stepping up their pressure on the government over police cuts, saying they will force parliament to vote on the “irresponsible” policy.

Ed Miliband launched a campaign on Tuesday to halt the cuts, promising to make the House of Commons vote on funding cuts.

On a visit to the London borough of Lewisham, which was hit by riots earlier this month, he is expected to say: "If there is one lesson we should all learn from the riots is that it was crucial to have our police bravely standing between home and shops on the one hand - and lawlessness on the other.”

The Labour leader will say the Government’s is wrong to spend £100m on elected police commissioners whilst forcing police to lose 16,000 officers.

"They are speaking hollow words when this Government insists on spending £100m to create a new tier of politicians through elected police chiefs at the same time as cutting the number of officers on the street.

"And they are speaking hollow words when David Cameron pledges the Treasury will stand behind policing costs during the riots but has done no such thing, leaving forces across the country with the prospect of making even deeper cuts than they are currently planning.”

The government have stood by cuts to police in the wake of the riots, despite London mayor Boris Johnson urging them to think again.