Katie Price For Oxford University Debate - What Will She Discuss?

Where Winston Churchill and the Dalai Lama have walked, so will follow... Katie Price, with the pneumatic all-rounder set to speak at the Oxford University Union.

The glamour model will be bringing her surgery-enhanced, outspoken self to the Debating Chamber at the Union on Wednesday, where members will be able to receive answers to questions they’ve unquestionably always asked themselves (presumably if she doesn’t find them too offensive).

Price, whose recent tweets have shown priceless nuggets of wise thought - jewels including “I'm gonna enjoy being single and just go on dates woooo and stay away from relationships for once (sic)” and “time to start helicopter lessons and then ill get a pink helicopter (sic)” - will open herself up to probing from the live audience.

The Union hasn’t confirmed what the businesswoman, reality TV star and author of four autobiographies will be debating. But here are some topics for the Chambers, if they are running low on ideas:

  • Is giving your toddler a glamour-model-style makeover ever acceptable?
  • Should free breast enlargements be available for everyone on the NHS?
  • Would the roads be a safer place if all cars were pink?
  • What’s the best way to snag a toyboy?

Although the Union is more used to hearing from political leaders, scientists and philosophers, Price isn’t the first woman who gets paid to take her clothes off in public to speak in the Chambers.

Last year former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson spoke at the Union about vegetarianism. The Playboy model talked to students about environmental and moral issues and how, she believed, being a vegetarian was "better for your health".

Members of the Union will meet Price at a buffet lunch before the debate starts at 3pm tomorrow. In a newsletter from the university, they were warned: “There will be a strict guest-list in place so if you do not receive confirmation that you are on this guest-list then please do not expect to get in.”

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