oxford university

New research from Oxford University deserves publicity in Europe and beyond.
On the one hand, if a dish gets shared too widely on social media there is a danger that any element of surprise is lost when a new diner experiences the dish for the first time. On the other hand, there is also a very real danger that a chef end-up focusing too much of their attention on how a dish looks, and not enough time thinking about making great tasting experiences
In light of David Lammy's investigation into diversity at Oxbridge, I've been added to four separate group chats titled "Oxford is racist." This is on top of the seven with similar titles that I am already a member of, some of which have existed well before I even began studying here.
In May this year the #BlackExcellence campaign went viral, inspiring students across the country with a series of photos capturing black men enjoying life at Yale and Cambridge universities.
I still have a faint hope that Aung Suu Kyi might change her position on the Rohingya, as she acknowledged there was a problem by setting up the Advisory Commission on the Rakhine State and seemed sincere in her wish to solve it.
Access to Justice is the bedrock of the Rule of Law. Wednesday's unanimous Supreme Court judgment vindicates one of the most fundamental principles of our Constitution, dating back to Magna Carta: everyone has the right to be heard before the Courts.
My ultimate fear is that, in its process of leaving the European Union, the UK will ironically end up more similar to its continental neighbours, and lose what makes it so special. I hope that the country, in having made the decision to detach itself from the continent, does not compromise its identity in order to fit a cliché mould of nationalism.
That crack, that breakdown, that epiphany, while frightening at the time, was the best thing that ever happened to me. My mind, body, soul and spirit were trying to tell me something, trying to show me that my sanity and wellbeing lay in a different direction, on a different path.
This is not the time to let Britain off the hook entirely. Actually, it never would be. We are too close and there are too many bushfires raging in this world, be it across the pond in America or in so many other places - think Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya etc. etc.