Palestine Protestors Described As 'Probably Catholics' By Queen's University Report

Whistleblower Leaks Report After It Describes Palestine Protestors As 'Probably Catholics'

A disciplinary report describing a group of protestors who disrupted a university lecture as "probably Catholics" has been leaked by a whistleblower.

Three protestors were being disciplined after disrupting a lecture held by Queen's University, Belfast.

The Palestine Solidarity Society (PSS) and Ogra Shinn Fein interrupted a speech delivered by Solon Solomon - former legal advisor to the Israeli Parliament.

A whistleblower, who leaked the report to the university's student newspaper The Gown over concerns it was "discriminatory and biased" said: "The report was so biased and inaccurate.

"They tried to paint the students as liars and the claims made are so outrageous that people needed to be made aware of it."

Dr Onder Bakiricioglu, of the School of Law, was present at the lecture and gave evidence against the protestors and was recorded saying the student protestors were all "probably Catholics".

When he was asked what he based his assumption on, he replied "I'm not from here. I made an observation they looked like Catholics. I know the Catholic community tend to support Palestine and the Protestant community tend to support Israel.

"This was stupid of them [the report writers] to include it."

The university declined to comment.

Read the whole story which appeared in the Gown.


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