Chinese Manufacturer Sends Man Giant Slipper

Man Receives Monster Slipper After Manufacturer Misreads Order

Londoner Tom Boddingham received this a gigantic 1,450 monster claw slipper from a Chinese manufacture who missed a decimal point in his order.

The 27 year-old from Ilford, East London, tried to order a special size 14.5 shoe to fit his one oversized foot, but ended up with a seven-foot long novelty claw from Monster Slippers. They sent him a normal sized slipper for his other foot.

The British-based company blamed a translation error in Hong Kong.

A company spokesman said: ‘They messed up and didn’t notice the decimal point, so here we are with a blinking great slipper that’s equivalent to a size 1,450.”

Boddingham, who can fit snuggly inside his enormous footwear, said: “it measures the same length as a grizzly bear or a family car".

He plans to sell it on eBay.

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