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The British national's landmark trial in Hong Kong starts on Monday.
As UK passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths, expats are asking: "What happened to home?"
We spoke to journalists around the world and experts to find out.
Scientists in Hong Kong says a young and apparently healthy man has been infected with Covid-19 twice.
US secretary of state says Boris Johnson must not be naive about Beijing's influence and intentions, HuffPost UK has learned.
British government says it will be “tough” with China but not abandon engagement as tensions escalate.
Most days, I oscillate between a determination to do more and a wrecking guilt at not doing enough. Those of us staying are doing our best to hold onto hope.
Chinese embassy says it opposes Boris Johnson's citizenship plans for up to three million residents, following a controversial new security law from China.
Shadow foreign secretary signals tougher stance on Huawei and Hinckley Point amid Hong Kong crisis.
The prime minister announced the move in response to new national security legislation imposed on the territory by China.