25/10/2011 15:36 BST | Updated 25/12/2011 10:12 GMT

Viral Video Chart: Stone Roses Battle Oxford On BBC's University Challenge

They might be known for their musical genius, but The Stone Roses are the most unlikely contenders for University Challenge.

Now a new mocked up video of the Manchester band appearing alongside Jeremy Paxman in his BBC Two quiz show is climbing its way up the viral video charts.

Footage of their press conference - where last week they announced a comeback - has been mashed up with clips from University Challenge.

In the short clip they are made to look like they are facing Worcester College, Oxford but end up answering high-brow academic questions incorrectly.

At one stage Paxman asks: "Active in the mid-second century BC, the Greek astronomer Hipparchus is often credited as the inventor of which branch of mathematics?"

Mani answers: "It's weird how it can be just one mad thing, and, you know what I mean?"

Paxman then laughs and says: "Well, no."

See the video below: