26/10/2011 07:14 BST | Updated 26/12/2011 05:12 GMT

BBC Breakfast Presenter Bill Turnbull Raps With Professor Green Live On TV

Prepare to hide. What you are about to witness is possibly the most awful thing to happen on breakfast television this year.

BBC presenter Bill Turnbull managed to make a fool of himself during a Wednesday morning interview with rapper Professor Green, who appeared on last weekend’s X Factor, by attempting to “battle” with him.

Halfway through the interview, which had touched on Professor Green’s (real name Stephen Manderson) inspiration for his music and the influence rap now has in society, Turnbull stopped.

"You know this is coming," he said.

Hackney-born Professor Green replied: “Oh dear.”

"Shall we look away?" Turnbull’s co-host Louise Minchin said.

But Turnbull ploughed on. "So Professor, you seem like a pretty nice chap, I hope you are here ready to rap, er, otherwise you might have a mishap, and you might have to do a tap dance, on your head instead, enough said?

"Probably," said Professor Green laughing, before hitting back with a rap of his own:

“Bill, I thought you would have learnt the last time/You can’t rhyme, ruining my morning and it’s not even half nine/You can’t rap, you are wack and you’ve got no flow/Stop it Bill please/You’re embarrassing your co ho.”

“Brilliant stuff, thank you very much indeed,” said Bill slipping seamlessly back into his BBC talk.