02/11/2011 08:34 GMT | Updated 02/01/2012 05:12 GMT

David Beckham, Jonny Wilkinson and Princess Diana 'Suggested' For Bank Note Honour

The Bank of England released a new £50 note on Wednesday, with the design featuring 18th century entrepreneur Matthew Boulton and engineer James Watt.

Boulton and Watt created a steam engine and their company became a major force in the industrial revolution. Boulton's place on the new note is also in recognition of the work he did to revolutionise the coin-minting process.

But would they have been picked had it been down to a public vote? A list published on the Bank of England website reveals the household names most popular among the public to feature on the new bank note.

Recent suggestions include: Terry Wogan, John Cleese, Mick Jagger, Princess Diana, Robbie Williams, cricketer Michael Vaughn, David Beckham and Jonny Wilkinson.

The Bank is keen to point out that inclusion on the list does not imply any endorsement by the Bank.

Suggestions on who you think should be on a banknote are welcome in the comments below.