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Andrew Bailey said Russia's invasion meant there was a global shortage of wheat and cooking oil.
All you need to know as economic alarm bells ring thanks to a crippling cost-of-living crisis and the Ukraine war.
Andrew Bailey said his advice was "painful" but necessary to prevent an even harder road ahead.
More questions raised over ex-PM and work for Greensill Capital as documents – some heavily redacted – are published.
The Bank of England has also condemned the "inexcusable" links some of its former governors had with the slave trade.
The Bank said the economy could contract by as much as 3% in the first quarter and another 25% in the three months to the end of June.
Chancellor Rishi Sunak joins the prime minister for the daily coronavirus press conference. As interest rates have been dropped further by the Bank of England, it is expected fresh emergency measures will be announced to safeguard jobs and businesses from collapsing.
The death toll in Italy from Covid-19 has risen to more than any other county at this point, while the county remains in lockdown. California residents are being advised to do the same by their governor. Concerns rise in India, with nearly two hundred confirmed cases and at least four recorded deaths. Twitter has vowed to try its best to quash fake news on their platform about coronavirus, the Bank Of England has cut interest rates for a second time and NASA is preparing to send three astronauts into space for six months.
A British woman has died of Covid-19 in Indonesia and the Bank of England has slashed interest rates. Here's the latest on the illness.
The Bank of England governor also hit back at suggestions he is peddling 'Project Fear'.