02/11/2011 20:42 GMT | Updated 02/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Occupy Glasgow Vote To Leave Camp Before Eviction

Anti-capitalist protesters have voted to leave their camp in a city square on the eve of the local council's court bid to oust them from the site.

The Occupy Glasgow group, which stands in solidarity with a global "anti-greed" movement, moved into George Square in the city centre on October 15.

The protesters were given 48 hours to seek legal advice at a previous hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday, and are due back in court on Thursday.

However at a meeting the activists voted to move to a site which the council has offered them in Kelvingrove Park near to the art gallery.

An Occupy Glasgow spokeswoman said: "We are going to move to Kelvingrove Park as the council have offered. We plan to pack up tomorrow morning and then move, though we have to arrange it with the council."

She said it is likely the court proceedings will be resolved on Thursday as the group plans to move.

She said: "Hopefully the court case will be finished tomorrow because we are going to move to the park."

At the court hearing on Tuesday QC Gerry Moynihan, representing Glasgow City Council, said the local authority wants the demonstrators to leave the square by Friday to allow preparations for Remembrance Day events.

The council said that the occupiers had been offered space at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow Green or on the Broomielaw to continue their protest.

Last Thursday the council issued a letter of expulsion ordering them to leave immediately, to no avail.