Several city officials have expressed concern over the NYPD’s handling of the woman’s arrest. "We need answers immediately," said the city comptroller.
These were some of the scenes that played out on Vereeniging's streets.
Green Party chiefs Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley spent an afternoon with fracking protesters who have previously climbed
Campaigners are blocking roads and climbing on vehicles to halt the controversial practice.
Dozens of anti-fracking protesters are spending their summer blockading sites by chaining themselves to fences, laying in
Tens of thousands of protesters filled streets of midtown Manhattan, while around the world thousands of women took to the streets of Sydney, London, Tokyo and other cities in Europe.
Protesters at the inauguration give Trump a piece of their mind.
'Umbrella Movement' activists in Hong Kong clashed with riot police on Tuesday evening in an attempt to expand an area near the city's government headquarters currently being occupied by pro-democracy demonstrators.
“Obama is a war criminal,” shouted a hooded protester as he manhandled a TV reporter during a live report on Wednesday afternoon