Ed Balls In Trouble Over 'Questionable Salute' During PMQs

PICTURES: Ed Balls In Trouble Over 'Questionable Salute' During PMQs

David Cameron once labelled Ed Balls as the most annoying man in politics - so it's not surprising he lashed out at his "questionable" salute during prime minister's questions on Wednesday.

The shadow chancellor had been gesturing to indicate the economy flatlining, but his salute was misinterpreted by the Express, who described it as reminiscent of the “Heil Hitler” salute used in Nazi Germany.

Cameron had told him to continue "making your questionable salute".

Worse still, Paul Waugh spotted Balls' shadow cabinet colleague Angela Eagle wagging her little finger at the prime minister - although sources close to the shadow leader of the house maintain this was a reference to GDP growth rather than anything else.

So, what do you think? Was Balls' gesture annoying, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, or a way to indicate Britain's stagnating growth?


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