Guylashes: Cosmetics Brand Launches Fake Eyelash Collection For Men

Guylashes: Do You Know A Man Who Would?

First there was 'guyliner', 'manscara' and 'male varnish', now cosmetics brand, Eylure, has taken the male grooming industry to another level with the introduction of 'guylashes', the first fake eyelash collection for men.

Men who are brave enough to sport the Bambi look can choose from two types of 'Natural Lashes For Men', (thick or fine), both promising to recreate the 'Hollywood gaze'.

The male lashes were created after an "innovative response to the growth in the male cosmetic market", and are more discreet than female eyelashes. Subtle yet effective, the £5.57 pack of lashes aim to give men a "natural, fuller look" without them looking obviously fake.

But who would actually wear 'guylashes'?

"I'm all for men doing whatever it takes to look their best but can't see false eyelashes for men (I can't bring myself to say 'Guylashes') being anything other than niche," Men's Health Online Grooming Editor, Lee Kynaston, told The Huffington Post.

"I mean, cosmetics for men was the big trend in male grooming a couple for years ago - a trend that had huge potential - and yet the companies that heralded a new age in male grooming with concealers have now quietly discontinued them.

"Why? They simply didn't sell. The way I look at it, if you can't sell men a concealer - a genuinely useful product for them to have in their bathroom cabinets - how on earth are you going to sell them a set of false eyelashes?"

But niche or not, there is evidence of a growing market. David Walker-Smith, beauty and menswear director at Selfridges, told The Daily Mail: "We first noticed this increased interest in male eye-grooming when the new Blink bar was bombarded by men."

The Blink & Go bar at Harrods also reported a high number of male clients asking for top and bottom lash extensions, according to the newspaper.