Whale Meet Again: Surfer Narrowly Avoids Being Eaten By Ocean Giant (Video)

Surfer Comes Close To Being Eaten By Whale (Video)

This saucy surfer is in for a whale of a shock. Whilst paddling in the ocean near Santa Cruz, California, the bikini-clad boarder stops to chat to a couple on a kayak.

The sea is peaceful and calm but not for long.

The first sign that something's fishy comes when a shoal of anchovies break the surface water. Then two huge humpback whales rise up from the depths, mouths open for a feed just metres from the vulnerable boarder and the paddlers.

Had they surfaced any closer, there would have been more than marine-life on the whale’s menu.

Then whole incident was captured by Barb Roettger who was filming in the area.

The onlookers were unharmed, though reports suggest that the surfer did blubber.

A pod of humpback has been feeding off the California coast for the past few months. The public has been warned not to encroach their feeding area. The video shows why...


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