08/11/2011 17:24 GMT | Updated 08/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Armed Robbers Hold Up Store For The Sake Of One Packet Of Crisps

Two men armed with a hammer and and an axe raided a Manchester shop on Sunday, but only managed to steal a packet of crisps.

According to Greater Manchester Police the pair demanded cash from the 51-year-old man working at the shop before leaving empty handed.

They then returned and stole a single packet of crisps before leaving once more.

Police Constable Lucy Pearson, from the Volume Crime Team, said: "These men have twice entered the shop armed with weapons and threatened the owner yet have risked their liberty for a single bag of crisps.

"That said, the quantity of goods stolen in no way lessens the seriousness of this crime, which is an armed robbery, plain and simple.

"If anyone has any information about those involved or has overheard anyone talking about the incident within the community I would encourage them to call the police."