11/11/2011 06:14 GMT | Updated 11/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Small Boobs And A Chicken Fillet Bra Saved Woman's Life In Car Crash

Small boobs saved a woman's life when her bust-boosting chicken fillet pads took the impact from a near-fatal car crash. The head-on collision gave Scottish mum-of-one a punctured lung, cracked rib and broken nose.

"I was in a bad way but still breathing" she said.

When doctors peeled back Lisa Somerville's bra to look at her injuries more closely, they saw the destroyed bra pads and realised that without the chicken fillets, made of silicone gel, her ribs would have pierced her heart.

Self conscious of her modest chest, the 28-year-old receptionist said:

"I was doubling up, wearing four altogether. They gave me the extra protection that saved my life."

She said she had "hated her chicken fillets, constantly fearing they'd fall out at the most embarrasing moment," but the accident changed her mind and "for the first time I was glad of them". Not enough however to stop the mum from getting a post-op boob job. After recovering from the accident she spent over £4,000 to transform her 30 AAA chest into 30 E melons.

She told the Mirror

"I'm 10 times happier than I've ever been. I'm even giving my new boobs a birthday I love them so much. But I'll always thank the chicken fillets that saved me."