Hugh Grant's Daughter Protected By Tinglan Hong's Harassment Injunction

Hugh Grant's Baby Protected From 'Utterly Appalling' Paparazzi By Strict Injunction

The mother of Hugh Grant's baby daughter, Tinglan Hong, has taken out an injunction against paparazzi who have been harassing her and her child, she says, since the girl was born.

An injunction granted on Friday at the High Courts of Justice means that paparazzi run the risk of being imprisoned or fined if they are caught harassing either Tinglan Hong or her daughter. Paparazzi will no longer be able to follow or doorstep the pair, nor put them under surveillance.

Mark Thomson, Hong's solicitor, explained that she had been forced to take action because "the means that some of these photographers have used to get pictures are utterly appalling".

The Guardian reported that the five-page injunction also forbids photographers approaching within 100 metres of Hong's house.

Thomson told The Guardian that the severity of the order was necessary because of the aggression with which Hong had been trailed by the press. "It appears that Tinglan has been under media surveillance since January," Thomson added.

Hugh Grant had employed security guards to protect Hong at her home, finding It was still not enough they resorted to an injunction.

"Hugh Grant is genuinely worried. He wants his child to be protected," said Thomson.


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